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Jeremy Ingalls Papers 1822-2000 (bulk 1930-1990)

MS 587

Collection Summary

Creator: Ingalls, Jeremy, 1911-2000
Collection Name: Jeremy Ingalls Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1822-2000
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1930-1990)
Physical Description:47 linear feet
Abstract:Contains the personal and professional papers of Jeremy Ingalls, the American poet, scholar, editor and translator. Extensive correspondence, academic research materials, drafts and notebooks, photographs and publications. Subjects include the epic tradition in American literature, Chinese history and the poems of Mao Zedong, metaphysical poetry and Chinese translation. Ingalls was Professor of English at Rockford College in Illinois and later moved to Tucson, AZ.
Collection Number:MS 587
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Jeremy Ingalls (1911-2000) was a well-known American poet, scholar, editor and translator. She won the prestigious Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize in 1941 for The Metaphysical Sword and published 17 books during a literary career that spanned five decades. In addition to being a professor of English, she was a professor of English, she was a professor of Asian Studies at Rockford College in Illinois before retiring to Tucson in 1960. Ingalls’ editor, lifelong friend and partner, Dr. Mary Dearing Lewis, taught English at a number of colleges and universities in the Midwest before coming to Tucson with Ingalls. During their forty years here Ingalls was one of the first readers in the Poetry Center’s Visiting Poets and Writers Reading Series in 1964. Her last book of poems, This Stubborn Quantum was published by Capstone Editions (Tucson) in 1983, though she continued writing poetry through the 1990s. Dearing Lewis supported Ingalls’ work as a writer and scholar until the end of her life and died within a few months of her passing. In 2001 the estates of Jeremy Ingalls and Mary Dearing Lewis left nearly $1 million to the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

Contributor of poems to anthologies and more than one hundred magazines and literary reviews. Contributor to professional journals.

Selected bibliography:

A Book of Legends (short stories), Harcourt, 1941.
The Metaphysical Sword (poetry), Yale University Press, 1941, reprinted, AMS Press, 1970.
Tahl (narrative poem), Knopf, 1945.
The Galilean Way (prose), Longmans, Green, 1953.
(Editor and translator with S. Y. Teng) Li chien-nung, A Political History of China, Van Nostrand, 1956.
The Woman from the Island (poetry), Regnery, 1958.
These Islands Also (poetry), Tuttle, 1959.
(Translator) Yao Hsin-nung, The Malice of Empire, University of California Press, 1970.
(Translator and author of commentary) Yoichi Nakagawa, Nakagawa’s Tenno Yugao, Twayne, 1975.
This Stubborn Quantum: Sixty Poems, Capstone Editions, 1985.
A Summer Liturgy: A Verse Play, Capstone Editions, 1985
The Epic Tradition and Related Essays, Capstone Editions, 1988
Dragon in Ambush: The Art of War in the Poems of Mao Zedong, compiled by Allen Wittenborn, Lexington Books, 2013.

Scope and Content Note

The Jeremy Ingalls Papers contains the personal and professional archive of Professor, Dr. Jeremy Ingalls, and contains her correspondence, project and clippings files, poetry, academic writing, translation notes, coursework and teaching materials, reviews and collection of writings by other authors, a collection of research materials on Stephen Vincent Benét, extensive collection of notebooks, photographs and photo albums, publications, and audio visual material. The collection also contains correspondence and materials created or collected by Ingalls’ partner and editor Mary Dearing-Lewis.

Of special note in the collection is the extensive correspondence between Ingalls and Dearing-Lewis, who lived apart for long stretches, for example the year 1958 when Ingalls taught English Literature at Kobe College, Japan, and after Ingalls left Rockford College to live in Tucson, AZ. These letters are intimate and lengthy and contain a wealth of information about the two women. Ingalls uses the following nicknames for Dearing-Lewis in her correspondence: Aram, Deering, Memsahib.

There are over 240 notebooks with a wealth of information. Ingalls made many notes about her research and pasted in many images and newspaper clippings. Most notebooks contain an index to content with subjects or particular points of interested taped to the front cover. Notebook types include General Notebooks, Seacross and Patmos (content related to war, politics, and anthropology), Mao, Chinese and Asian History, Translation notebooks, and notebooks identified by title of work or specific sub-topic.

The largest scholarly body of work is that related to her book Dragon in Ambush: the art of war in the poems of Mao Zedong. This book was compiled by Allen Wittenborn and published posthumously in 2013. Extensive information about the project can be found in Series 4 Subseries 4, but also in Series 8: Notebooks, Box 27, 28 and 29.

Throughout the collection the materials are laden with artistic flourish and non-traditional materials. Ingalls frequently created homemade books by fastening papers together with scavenged materials. Whole drafts of academic works appear on the back of junk-mail. There is a collection of works housed in recycled panty-hose boxes.


This collection is organized into
Series I: Correspondence, 1930s-2000
Series II: Project Files and Clippings, 1883-1990s
Series III: Poetry and Personal Prose, 1929-1983
Series IV: Writings and Publications, 1929-1997
Subseries 1: Book-length Projects, 1930s-1997
Subseries 2: Academic Writing and Prose Projects, 1929-1987
Subseries 3: Dragon in Ambush, 1949-1987
Subseries 4: Chinese, Japanese and Korean Literature and Themes, 1950-1981
Subseries 5: Translation Projects, 1956-1983
Series V: Coursework and Teaching Materials, 1930s-1960s
Series VI: Reviews and Manuscripts by other Writers, 1889-1991
Series VII: Stephen Vincent Benét, circa 1950-1958
Series VIII: Notebooks, 1933-1999
Series IX: Photographs, Personal Items and Oversize, circa 1860-1990s
Series X: Publications, 1880s-1990s
Series XI: Audio Visual and Media, 1960s-2000s



There are no restrictions on this collection.


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Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Ingalls, Jeremy, 1911-2000.

American poetry – 20th century.
Chinese poetry – 20th century – History and criticism.
Chinese poetry.
Epic literature -- History and criticism.
Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976 – Criticism and interpretation.
Women poets.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Jeremy Ingalls Papers (MS 587). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Processing History

Processed by Molly Stothert-Maurer.

Container List

Series 1 Correspondence 1930s-2000
General correspondence followed by selected correspondence including extensive collection of letters from Ingalls to her partner Mary Dearing-Lewis. Includes personal and professional topics. Contains one letter from poet Robert Frost. Folders that are organized by decade are not in chronological order. Includes small portion of Dearing-Lewis files that contain materials other than correspondence.
11 Incoming correspondence, 1930s
12 Incoming correspondence, 1940s
13-6 Incoming correspondence, 1950s
17-10 Incoming correspondence, 1960s
111 Incoming correspondence, 1963-1964
112 Incoming correspondence, 1965
113-14 Incoming correspondence, 1966
115 Incoming correspondence, 1967-1968
116 Incoming correspondence, 1969
117 Incoming correspondence, 1969-1970
118 Incoming correspondence, 1970
119 Incoming correspondence, 1970s
21-7 Incoming correspondence, 1970s
28 Incoming correspondence (1 photograph of Apache maiden coming-out ceremony, 1973), 1970s
29 Incoming correspondence, 1970-1971
210 Incoming correspondence, 1971
211-12 Incoming correspondence, 1971-1972
31 Incoming correspondence, 1974
32-10 Incoming correspondence, 1980s
311-15 Incoming correspondence, 1990s
316 Incoming correspondence, 1995, 1999
41 Outgoing correspondence from Ingalls, drafts and copies, 1946-1987
42-3 Correspondence, Ingalls to Blanche Price (returned by Anne Healy, 1967), contains clippings, poetry and photographs, 1944-1967
44 Correspondence, Ingalls to Victoria (returned to Ingalls in 1961), 1944-1955
45 Letter from Robert Frost to Mrs. Fontaine, mentions Ingalls, undated
46 Selected press, correspondence, publication information, 1930s-1960s
47 Selected incoming correspondence, A-C, 1940-1959
48 Selected incoming correspondence, D-G, 1940-1959
49 Selected incoming correspondence, H-M, 1940-1959
410 Selected incoming correspondence, N-R, 1940-1959
411 Selected incoming correspondence, S, 1940-1959
412 Selected incoming correspondence, T-Z, 1940-1959
413 Correspondence, Annual Ingalls Poetry Competition, 1940-1981
414 Correspondence to/from Frances Eldredge, 1940s-1990s
415 Copy of correspondence from Stephen Vincent Benét to Ingalls and Thornton Wilder, 1941
416 Incoming correspondence, William Rose and Marjorie Flack Benét, 1945-1953
417 Correspondence, Chinese Studies, 1945-1946
418 Postcards, Chicago and Cambridge, MA, 1946, 1950, undated
419 Correspondence related to L. Dana Vibert, 1946-1987
420 Church World Service, Resettlement of Displaced Persons, 1949-1950
421 Incoming correspondence, John Holmes (Tufts), 1950-1954
422 Correspondence, reproduction permissions, Catching Up With the Human Race and others, Rockford College, 1950s-1970s
423 Ford Fellowship, 1952
424 Correspondence and poem, To The Memory of Herman Broch, translated by Ernst Waldinger, 1952, undated
425 Correspondence, mostly related to Galilean Way, 1953-1954
426 Correspondence related to conference on Oriental literature, Chicago, 1953-1963
427 Postcards, China, Tibet, India, 1956, undated
428 Ingalls and Dearing-Lewis travel arrangements, trip to multiple countries in the East, 1956
429 Postcards, Hawaii and Japan, 1956
430 Correspondence, Fulbright Grant, 1956
431 Correspondence, documents, Ingalls’ trip to Japan, 1957-1958
51 Publishing correspondence, 1960s-1980s
52 Selected correspondence, mostly from editors and publishers, 1960s-1980s
53 Selected incoming correspondence, Johanna Menzel, 1962-1963
54 Letter from Howard Nemerov (poet), 1963
55 Letter from Frank Huntley, University of Michegan, 1981
56 Correspondence, Wen-Shun Chi, 1982
57 Incoming correspondence from, Y. H. Zhao, 1982-1983
58 Postcards and ephemera related to A Summer Liturgy, 1983
59 Correspondence, This Stubborn Quantum, 1983
510 Correspondence, Dorothy Hartshorne, Summer Liturgy, 1987
511 Incoming correspondence about Epic Tradition, 1989
512 Correspondence from Dearing-Lewis to Ingalls, 1935-1973
513-17 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1940s
518 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, re: first trip to Southwest, 1944
519-22 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1950s
523 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, from Japan/Korea, 1957-1958
524-27 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1960s
61 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1962-1964
62 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1964-1965
63 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1965
64 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1965-1966
65 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1966
66 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1967-1969
67 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1970s
68 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1980s
69 Correspondence from Ingalls to Dearing-Lewis, 1984
610 Dearing-Lewis clippings and articles, 1935-1957
611 Correspondence, incoming, forwarded to Dearing-Lewis, 1950s
612 Dearing-Lewis, Rockford College, projects, publications, 1950s
613 Dearing-Lewis, Rockford College, correspondence, clippings, writings, 1950s
614 Incoming correspondence to Dearing-Lewis, 1950s-2000
615 “Items for Dearing’s Collection”, correspondence re: literary endeavors, 1955-1958
616 Correspondence from Dearing-Lewis, 1958, 1989, 1990
617 Publishers correspondence, clippings, Dearing-Lewis files re: Ingalls, 1960s
618 Dearing-Lewis, India-Current Writing, 1960s
619 Dearing-Lewis, Talking Animals and Vagabond Scholars, Tahl notes, 1960s
620 Dearing-Lewis, Report to Dean of Rockford College, leave of absence, Fulbright Prof., India, 1962-1963
621 Incoming correspondence to Dearing-Lewis, mostly from Ingalls, 1963
622 Incoming correspondence to Dearing-Lewis, mostly from Ingalls, 1964-1968
623 Incoming correspondence to Dearing-Lewis, mostly from Ingalls, 1967-1968
624 Notes, biographical data, Obituary (Ingalls’), 1978-2000
625 Notes by Dearing-Lewis recording conversations with Ingalls, circa 1983
Series 2 Project Files and Clippings 1883-1990s
Includes genealogical research and Ingalls Family information, bibliographies and biographical information. Awards and honors. Drawings by Ingalls and others. Personal and professional clippings, scrapbooks and reviews of Ingalls work. Organized by type and chronologically.
71 Ingalls family, correspondence, clippings, writings, 1883, 1940s-1950s
72 Family information and photographs, 1923-1980
73 Ingalls family history materials, correspondence from Mrs. Frederick Winant and McIvor family, 1948-1974
74 Ingalls family clippings, genealogy, The Media Research Bureau, 1952, 1966, undated
75 St. John's Church, Gloucester, MA, circa 1967
76 Ingalls genealogical data, 1990
77 Bookmark, undated
78 Excerpts from publications, Juvenilea, and note from Ingalls, 1930s-1960s
79 Bibliographies and biographical information, 1932-1989
710 Fulbright/American Academy of Arts and Letters, grant project file, 1940s-1950s
711 Pamphlets, ephemera mentioning Ingalls, 1940s-1980s
712 Awards, 1947-1998
713 Kobe College, brochure, postcard, circa 1956
714 Itinerary, trip to India, 1956
715 List of participants, Fulbright Fall Conference, 1957
716 Certificate, Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Rockford College, 1960
717 Title page mock-up, World Context, 1960
718 Tufts Commencement Address, 1965
719 National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities, 1966
720 Obituary, clippings, Jeff Tyne (Gloucester, MA man killed in Vietnam), 1966
721 Notes, graphs related to symptoms of illness (Ingalls recording information about herself), 1969
722 Program, Cultural Dynamics in Asian History, Ingalls lecture, Tucson, circa 1970
723 Travel arrangements, Red Sea cruise, 1978
724 Awards submissions, 1981-1983
725 Address book, notes, 1983-1988
726 Drawing project, The Calculus of Language, undated
727 Drawings, 1930s-1960s
728 Ingalls' drawings (returned from Nika, 1994), 1961-1965
729 Poems and drawings, Asian themes, 1971
730 Scrapbook of clippings, personal and family, 1928-1941
731 Clippings, removed from scrapbook, Tufts related, 1932-1941
732 Scrapbook, newspaper clippings, tufts related, 1932-1933, 1961
733 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1950s, 1980
734 Clippings, removed from large scrapbook, 1960-1961
735 Correspondence, removed from large scrapbook, 1960-1961
736 Publications, ephemera, removed from large scrapbook, 1960-1961
737 Photographs, removed from large scrapbook, 1960-1961
738 Scrapbook, clippings file, bound, 1960s-1990
739 Scrapbook, Ingalls' 65th birthday, 1976
81 Clippings, saved by Ingalls' mother and other items, 1913-1955
82 Clippings, writings, memorabilia from Ingalls' childhood, 1916-1940s
83 The Times Literary Supplement, London, October 30, 1924
84 Clippings, 1940s-1950s
85 Clippings, 1940s-1960s
86 Clippings, photocopies, 1940s-1960s
87 Reviews of Ingalls' work, 1940s-1960s
88 Clippings, Ingalls press, 1940s-1960s
89 Clippings, Stephen Vincent Benét, 1941-1943
810 Clippings, Galilean Way and others, 1943-1954
811 Clippings, collected by Ingalls' parents, 1945-1966
812 Clippings, Ingalls and Dearing-Lewis press, 1950s
813 Clippings, Memphis State College, 1950
814 Clippings, draft, A Definition of Religion, 1950
815 Photocopies, clippings, Ingalls related, 1950s-1960s
816 Clippings, Ingalls related, 1950s-1960s
817 Clippings, notes, mostly about writers and writing, 1950s-1990s
818 Clippings, Dearing-Lewis and Ingalls, 1953-1963
819 Clippings, Japan/Korea, 1957-1958
820 Clippings file, pages loose in bound book, 1960s-1990s
821 Clippings, Yong-Ho Ch'oe, Ingall's foster child, 1963
822 Clippings, 1970s-1990s
Series 3 Poetry and Personal Prose 1929-1983
Includes drafts and typescripts of published and unpublished works. Organized chronologically.
823 Draft, Salutes for All Souls, poetry, undated
824 Unfinished poems (as designated by Ingalls), undated
825 Poems, homemade book, Memorandum Part II, undated
826 Draft, The Signs of a Poet, undated
827 Memo on typing a poem (formatting tips), undated
828 Prose, "Juvenile Biography", college papers, 1929-1932
829 Music of "Songs", 1930s
830 Poems that were lost and not included in This Stubborn Quantum, 1940s-1950s
831 Notes, writings, 1940s-1960s
832 Unpublished poems, papers, 1940s-1980s
833 Poems, writings, 1940s-1990s
834 The Ballad of the Times of Men, poem and music, 1941, undated
835 Poems, 1946-1947
91 Writings, poems, notes, Mahabalipuram and Mohenjodaro, 1948, 1964, undated
92 Poems, including from The Woman From the Island, 1950s-1960s
93 Holograph, Remembering John F. Kennedy (donated July, 2010), circa 1963
94 Personal history poems, 1940s-1960s, undated
95 Typescripts, poetry and prose, 1950s
96 Memorandum Part II, poems for Blanche Price, 1963
97 Travel Journal, China and Burma, 1983
Series 4 Writings and Publications 1929-1997
This series is divided into five subseries and is organized by project or type, and sub-categorized chronologically.
Subseries 1 Book-length Projects 1930s-1997
Organized by project and chronologically.
942956 Tahl, draft, undated
910 Tahl/Talamas, early writings, 1930s-1940s
911 Tahl, draft, circa 1944
912 Tahl, correspondence, notes, circa 1945
913 Prospectus for Taljans, circa 1965
914 Tahl, Capstone Editions, permissions, 1984
915 Tahl, reviews, newspaper, 1945
916 Tahl, reviews, 1945
917 Tahl, errata, circa 1945
918 The Composition of Tahl, draft, 1975, undated
919 Galilean Essays, notes, draft, undated
920-21 The Galilean Way, drafts, circa 1950
922 The Road to a Galilean Way, lecture, circa 1953
923 Shakuntala, reference materials, 1950s
924-25 Shakuntala, drafts, 1950s
926 Shakuntala, notebook, draft, 1957, undated
927-28 Shakuntala, draft, circa 1957
929 A Context for Shakuntala, draft, circa 1958
1042744 The Great Equation, drafts, undated
1010 The Great Equation, Chapter 3, undated
1011 The Great Equation, the Electrical Activity of the Brain, draft, circa 1955
1012 Balencing the Biggest Equation, draft, 1947-1951
1014 Epic Tradition, correspondence, notes, draft, 1958, undated
1015 Epic Tradition, correspondence with Roy Harvey Pearce, notes, research, 1960
1016 Epic Tradition, notes, correspondence, 1962-1964
1017 Epic Tradition, early draft written on recycled paper and junk mail, undated
1018-19 Epic Tradition, draft, undated
111A Epic Tradition, intro, undated
111B Epic Tradition, draft, undated
112 Epic Tradition, Resume of Monograph, typescript, 1958
113 Epic Tradition and Related Essays, draft, 1988, undated
114 Epic Tradition, draft, 1988
115 Epic Tradition, Capstone Editions, publisher file, circa 1988
116 Epic Tradition: A Commentary, draft, undated
117 Epic Tradition: A Commentary, Japanese translation, project file, 1988
118 The Epic of Gilgamesh, draft, undated
119 Epic Design and Changing Omega Point, draft, undated
1110 This Stubborn Quantum, typescript, circa 1964
1111 This Stubborn Quantum, draft, 1964
1112 This Stubborn Quantum, correspondence, poems, 1965
1113 Mora Book, poems selected from This Stubborn Quantum, draft, 1965
1114 This Stubborn Quantum, poems removed, circa 1983
1115 This Stubborn Quantum, draft, 1983
1116 Stubborn Quantum Notes for Two Inquiring Readers, typescript, undated
1117 This Stubborn Quantum, notes, 1983
1118 This Stubborn Quantum, draft, circa 1983
1119 This Stubborn Quantum, notes, draft, publisher materials, circa 1983
1120 This Stubborn Quantum, errata, circa 1983
1121 This Stubborn Quantum, correspondence, publication materials, 1983
1122-23 A Summer Liturgy, draft, notes, undated
1124 A Summer Liturgy, forward, 1976
1125 A Summer Liturgy, draft, 1976
1126 A Summer Liturgy, typescript dedicated to Hennriette Winant, 1976
1127 A Summer Liturgy, flyer, page proofs, circa 1985
121 MEC and Seacross and Patmos, notes, undated
122 Seamus [Seacross] of Patmos, notes, 1960-1966
123 Seacross and Patmos, clippings, research, 1970s
124 Seacross and Patmos, research and notes, circa 1978
125 Seacross and Patmos, anthropology related clippings, research, notes, 1980s
126 Seacross and Patmos, draft, notes, circa 1997
127 Seacross and Patmos, reviews, 1997
128 Hawthorn the Reconciler, draft, circa 1950, 1956
129 Hawthorn and Dante, writings, research, circa 1966
1210 Hawthorn and Dante, notes, correspondence, circa 1975
1211 Hawthorn and Dante, notes, draft, circa 1975
1212 Hawthorn the Reconciler, notes, draft, circa 1975
1213 Hawthorn the Reconciler, draft, undated
Subseries 2 Academic Writing and Prose Projects 1929-1987
Organized chronologically.
1214 Tr. Of Owen in Evan's Specimens, prose version, typescript excerpt, undated
1215 Toward a Theory of Literature, draft, undated
1216 Understanding Melville's Moby Dick, draft, undated
1217 Suggested program for radio broadcast, draft, undated
1218 History and Human consciousness, draft, undated
1219 Created Equal, draft, undated
1220 Mahalipuram and Mojenjodaro, foreward, undated
1221 Creative Writing at Rockford College, draft, undated
1222 Toward an "Inside Narrative", draft, foreward, undated
1223 Magnode, research, notes, undated
1224 Classicism in the Roman and Chinese Empires, copy, undated
1225 The Three Levels of Literature, draft, undated
1226 Early papers by Ingalls, 1929
1227 The Two Lives of Johanna, reference data (not to be published), circa 1931
1228 The Two Lives of Johanna, draft, 1931
1229 Resmelting the English Language (re: James Joyce), draft, 1932
1230 Master's thesis, notes, draft, 1932-1933
1231 The Cross [symbol across cultures], notebook, circa 1934
1232 Theory of Flight, draft, 1935
1233 Medieval Latin, notes, 1937-1938
1234 Finnish language, notes, 1937-1938
131 Epic Qualities in the Tain Bo Cualgne, draft, 1939
132 Celts from the Crete Cross, notes, 1939
133 Occasional Verse, draft copy, 1940s
134 Prose items, drafts, typescripts, 1940s-1950s
135 The Child in Cornwall, drafts, 1941-1952, undated
136 Address to a Class in Literature, Westin College, draft, 1942
1342924 Prospectus of Image and Sign, typescript, unpublished work, 1945
1342989 Convocations: a Selection of Prose Papers, 1946-1959
1312 Austrasia, One Region, draft, 1947
1313 Committee to Frame a World Constitution, Document #126, draft, 1947
130 Notes for Apprentice Poets, draft, 1950s
130 The Committee's First Year, short draft, circa 1950
1315 The Fable of the Thunderbirds, Rockford College, notes, address, 1950
1316 Review of Modern Poetry and the Christian Tradition by Amos N., draft, 1950
1317 Economies, Technology, and the Grace of God, draft, 1950
1318 The Child as Poet, draft, 1950
1319 What in the World Next, draft copy, 1950
1320 History, Poetry and Politics in early 1930s Italy and Germany, draft, 1951
1321 The Eighteenth Century World Citizen, draft, 1952-1956
1322 The Uses of Poetry, drafts, 1952-1959
1323 Truth and Christian Freedom, draft, 1954
1324 Two Worlds or One: Oriental Literature and Western Literature, draft, notes, 1955-1956
1325 British Novels Since 1800, draft, circa 1955
130 Draft, notes and essays on famous authors, including large chart on Ezra Pound, 1955-1968
1328 Report on Mel Jones (Leinani) on the Teachings of the Kahunas, notes, 1956
1329 What is "New" in the New Testament?, draft of address, 1957
1330 Asian Factors in American Literature, draft, 1957-1958
1331 Diagram of actions and ideas, Ezra Pound's Cantos, July, 1958
1332 Religious Factors in Literature East and west, draft, 1958
1333 The World's Most Significant Experiment, draft, 1958
1334 The Uses of Poetry, draft, 1959
1335 Opera from Babylon to Tokyo, notes, 1960s
1336 Notes on office politics and academic teaching, 1960
1337 Book Design project, Rockford College, 1960
1338 The Poetry of Wallace Stevens: A Christian Context, draft, circa 1961, 1981
1339 Talking Animals and Vagabond Scholars, draft, 1961
1340 Catching Up With the Human Race, poems, notes, correspondence, 1961-1962
1341 To Honor Medgar Evers, radio script, circa 1963, 1972
1342 Oration about America, expanded version, draft, circa 1965
1343 Viewpoints for Cosmopolis, draft and correspondence, 1965
1344 Dialog about war, transcript, 1969, 1971
1345 Notes, 1970s
1346 Poetry of the Expanding World: An Epic by Jeremy Ingalls, draft, 1976, circa 1976
1347 Notes, 1980s
1348 Modern Epic, Ezra Pound, Bernstein publication, notes, circa 1980
141 Excerpts from the Life of Coyote, photocopy, undated
142 Amerind, notes, undated
143 Curtains of the Sky, undated
144 Quetzalcoatle, Lord of the Serpent People, notes, draft, undated
145 Religion and Anthropology, ephemera, working notes, drafts, 1930s, undated
146 Canyon, clippings, notes, 1947, undated
147 The Way By Chant, draft, 1948
148 Petroglyphs, notes, research, 1964-1966, undated
149 Passamaquoddy and Penebscot, research, notes, 1982
140 Ceremonial Sky, Amerind, draft, clippings, notes, correspondence,1980s
1413 Gerald Vize3nor, The People Named Chippawa, notes, research, 1984
1414 Hare, Monalozho, draft, research notes, circa 1987
Subseries 3 Dragon in Ambush 1949-1987
Organized by type and chronologically when possible.
1415 Dragon’s Ambush, notes, undated
1416 K’unlun, notes, undated
1417-18 MEC, notes, early draft, undated
1419 Yao and Theme of Success, draft, undated
1420 Tactics and Deception, draft, undated
1421-22 Draft, notes, undated
1423 Draft, “very old do not use”, undated
1424 Ch’andsha, notes, drafts, correspondence, undated
1425-26 Reply to Liv Ya-Tzu, 1949, 1950
151 Notes, research, 1960s
152 Draft, notes, circa 1963
153 The Poems of Mao Tse-Tung, by Wong Man, book with extensive notes by Ingalls, 1967
154 Correspondence, 1968
155 The Reply, notes, research, circa 1970
156 Mao related notes, clippings, 1970s
157 Articles, clippings, 1971-1972
158 Women Militia, notes, articles, 1971, undated
159 Draft, notes, circa 1984
1510 A-H, notebook, 1984-1985
1511-13 Drafts, notes, clippings, circa 1987
1514 Mao’s poems, research notes, undated
1515 Mao’s Poems: The Political Legacy, draft, undated
1516 Poems 1 and 2, notes, undated
1517 Poems 3 and 4, notes, undated
1518 Poems 5 and 6, notes, undated
1519 Poems 7 and 8, notes, undated
1520 Poems 9 and 10, notes, undated
1521 Poems 9 and 11, notes, undated
1522 Poems 11 and 12, notes, undated
1523 Poem 13, notes, undated
1524 Poems 14, 15 and 16, notes, draft, undated
1525 Poem 17, notes, draft, undated
1526 Poem 17, The Long March, notes, undated
1527 Poem 18 and 19, notes, undated
161 Poem 20, notes, correspondence, undated
162 Chapter 21, Poem 21, The PLA Occupies Nanking, 1949, undated
163 Chapter 22, Poems 22 and 23, notes, 1959, 1972, undated
164 Chapter 23, Poem 24, Pei Taiho, notes, undated
165 Chapter 24, Poem 25, Swimming, notes, undated
166 Chapter 25, Poem 26, Answering Li Shu-yi, notes, undated
167 Chapter 26, Poem 27 and 28, Sending Away the Plague God, notes, undated
168 Twenty-Seven Poems, 29 and 30, Climbing Lushan, notes, undated
169 Twenty-Eight Poems, 31 and 32, Reply to a Friend, notes, undated
1610 Twenty-Nine Poems, 33, Li Chin Poem, Care of Immortals, 1971, undated
1611 Thirty Poems, 34, Monkey Sage, notes, undated
1612 Poem 35, Plum Tree, 1962
1613 Poem 36, Winter Clouds, 1962
1614-16 Poem 37, notes, circa 1970
1617-19a Part I, Recognizing the Terrain, notes, circa 1975
1619b Mao notes, Chapter 1, Methods of Approach, undated
1620 Chapter I, Section 3, draft, undated
1621-24 Chapter 2, notes, circa 1975, undated
1625 Chapter 2 and 6, Metaphor, Myth, Ritual and the People’s Commune, 1961
1626-28 Chapter 3, notes, draft, circa 1975, undated
171-2 Chapter 3, Section 3, draft, undated
173 Chapter 4, The Reply, notes, research, circa 1970
174 Chapter 5, Section 3, draft, undated
175 Chapter 6, Section 6, Mood and Mode, notes, undated
176 Chapter 6, Section C, Form and Function, notes, undated
177 Chapter 6, Section D, Rhetoric and Grammar of Translation, notes, undated
178 Chapter 7, The Translations, draft, undated
179 Chapter 8, Section 3, draft, undated
1710 Chapter 8, Past, Future, Theatre, draft, circa 1973
1711 Chapter 9, Section 3, draft, undated
1712 Chapter 9, the Buddha, undated
1713-14a Chapter 10, Ch’u Tz’u poets, notes, drafts, undated
1714b Chapter 11, Tactics of Disinformation, notes, 1968, undated
1715-16 Chapter 12, notes, research, drafts, undated
1717 Chapter 33, Future Theatre, draft, undated
1718-19 Chapter 34, Conclusion, drafts, undated
Subseries 4 Chinese, Japanese and Korean Literature and Themes 1950-1981
Organized by type and chronologically when possible.
1720 Chingkangshan Revisited, writings, undated
1721 Sung Dynasty texts, notes, undated
1722 The Art of War, Sun Tsu, draft, notes, undated
1723 Mr. Ch'ing-yin and the Chinese Erotic Novel, draft, copy, undated
1724 Chinese Arts and Communist Strategy, incomplete copy, undated
1725 Mao's Elegies for Chou Eu-lai, draft, undated
181 Robert Payne's version of Mao's poetry, notes, undated
182 A History of the Chinese Secret Service by Richard Deacon, notes, undated
183 Chinese Arts and Communist Strategy, draft, undated
184 Chinese Paleography, report, undated
185 Mao Talks to the People, notes, undated
186-8 A Chinese Reader, draft and project file, circa 1950
189 Ideas in China, Commentaries and Translated Early Texts, draft, 1952-1954
1810 Chinese poet Hsi K'ang, draft, 1959
1811 The Art of Chinese Poetry, James Lin, notes, circa 1961
1812 Literature Confucianist and Bodhisattva, draft, 1961
1813 Chinese affairs, drafts, 1961, undated
1814 Hon Wai-lu, notes, circa 1963
1815 Ming Biographies, correspondence, draft, 1963
1816 The Ching-kung Affair, draft, notes, research materials, circa 1969
1817 What is Taoism, Crell, notes, circa 1970
1818 Perspectives on Mao's Thought, F. J. Wakemon, Jr., notes, 1973
1819 East-West, China project, clippings, draft, 1975-1986
1820 Mao book by Lucien Pye, notes, circa 1976
1821 People's Republic of China, research materials, 1978-1983
1822 Mao's poetry, correspondence, notes, 1976, undated
1823 Mao, project file, circa 1978
1824 My House Has Two Doors, Han Suyin, notes, circa 1980
1825 Happiness and Benevolence in 17th Century China, translation project file, UA Press, 1982
1826 Coming Alive, China After Mao, Roger Garside, notes, clippings, 1982-1983
1827-28 A-K, China, newspaper clippings, notes, 1987
1829 That Week on Kyushu, draft, undated
1830 Mencius, Meng Tzu, Japanese texts, undated
191 Mencius, Meng Tzu, Japanese texts (continued), undated
192 Hindu, notes, undated
193-4 Cultural Dynamism in Asian History, drafts, notes, undated
195 Chinese and Asian history, notes, undated
196 Korean Literature, notes, undated
197 K'ung Fu Tzu, Tzu King and Ch'i Ao, notes, 1946
198 China and Korea, clippings, 1950s
199 Twenty Japanese Poems, typescript, correspondence, 1951, undated
1910 Asiatic Literature Anthology, notes, research materials, 1954
1911a The Early History of China and Japan, draft, 1956
1911b Religion/Political Theory of Far East, Centre College, essay, 1956
1912 Benkei, Noh plays, research and notes, circa 1957
1913 American Studies Seminar, Kyoto, Japan, 1958
1914 Heretic Naga-uta: with Commentary, draft, 1958
1915 Modern Languages Association, Ingalls chairman of East & West section, draft ofopening remarks, correspondence, 1959
1916 The Sacred Books of the East, notes, draft, 1962
1917 The Premises of Taijun Takeda, draft, 1967
1918 Remembering Mikiko Hayashi Nakagawa, draft, 1981
Subseries 5 Translation Projects 1956-1983
Organized by project or language and chronologically when possible.
1919-22 Malice of Empire, translation project, by Yao Hsing-nung, drafts, correspondence, translation notes, circa 1968
1923 Malice of Empire, translation project, by Yao Hsing-nung, correspondence, 1960-1969
1924 Malice of Empire, translation project, by Yao Hsing-nung, correspondence, 1970-1979
1925 Malice of Empire, translation project, by Yao Hsing-nung, clippings, correspondence, 1977
1926 Malice of Empire, translation project, by Yao Hsing-nung, correspondence, 1980-2000
201 The Functional Translation of the Chinese Character, Lun Yu, undated
202 The Two Elegies, Chinese translation, undated
203 The Description of Fu-Sang, Jeffens, translation, notes, undated
204 Korean Literature, notebook, undated
205-6 Chinese translation project, undated
207 Devil's Old Woman, by D. J. Ying, typescript, undated
208 Madam and the Moonlight, J. M. Ying, undated
209 Sai-chin-hua, Hsia Yen, undated
2010 Three Japanese Poets, Kawanishi, Mizuno, and Yanai, undated
2011 The Barnstone translations, notes, undated
2012-16 The Political History of China, by Li Chien-Nung, draft, circa 1956
2017 Hao-pan poem, notes, 1956-1964
2018 Writers Tour of Korea, PEN Center, clippings notes, program, 1957
2019 Articles translated, published by Kobe College [presumably], 1958
2020 Lecture on Translations, 1959
2021 Ten No Yugao, Nakagawa, project file, 1959-1979
2022 Mother Goose's nursery rhymes, translated by C. H. Kwock, manuscript, Chinese, circa 1960
2023 Kalidasa's Sakuntala, Ingalls' translation, published in Literature East & West, 1963
2024 Twenty Japanese Poems, translation and commentary, copy, 1964
2025 Hitomaro's Tamamoyoshi, English translation, 1965
2026 Texts related to audio recordings, 1966
2027 Noh Plays, Becky Teele, 1982-1983
Series 5 Coursework and Teaching Materials 1930s-1960s
Contains notebooks and materials from Ingalls own undergraduate and graduate studies and teaching materials from her tenure in the English Department at Rockford College. Organized chronologically.
211 Speaking of Civilization, undated
212 Contemporary Civilization 01, outline, History of India, undated
213 China and World History lecture, notes, undated
214 Notes and writings for College courses, 1930s
215 Workbook on Lun Yu, Chinese 458, 1946
216-6 Asian Studies, teaching materials, drafts, memorabilia, 1947-1960
218 Seminar in Chinese Culture, Rockford College, 1948
219 Chinese and Japanese Masterworks as Literature in English, lecture, circa 1950
2110 Asian Studies, English, curriculum materials, 1950s
2111 China and Korea, clippings, teaching materials, course outlines, notes, 1950s
2112 Chinese Nationalists and Communists, lecture notes, 1950-1957, undated
2113 History 209: Chinese Cultural History, notes, circa 1952
2114 Reading in the History of Chinese Thought, course materials, circa 1952
2115 History 209, library course reserve packet, handbook, 1952
2116 Chinese History, Rockford College, 1952
2117 Early Civilization, Rockford College, circa 1953
2118 Contemporary Poetry, 1954
2119 American Literature, Rockford College, 1954-1956
2120 The Three Levels of Literature, draft, teaching materials, 1955, undated
2121 Cultural Dynamics in Asian History, draft, lecture series, Tucson, 1960s
Series 6 Reviews and Manuscripts by other Writers 1889-1991
Organized by type: reviews followed by other authors. Many of the materials from other authors are manuscripts accompanied by correspondence with Ingalls. No chronological order.
2122 Reviews, Our Book, Wilson Sisters, draft, foreword, 1971
2123 Reviews, Choix d'estudes Sinologiques, Paul Demieville, notes, circa 1973
2124 Reviews, notes, drafts, clippings, 1940, 1944
2125 Reviews, Russian Thinkers, Isaiah Berlin, notes, 1979-1980
2126 Reviews, James Legge, notes, undated
2127 Reviews, The Shaping Spirit: A Study of Wallace Stevens, undated
2128 Reviews, drafts, 1945-1965
221 Other poets, The Lambert Poems, John Bennett, undated
222 Other poets, Robert Van Slyke, 1954, undated
223 Other poets, Theo Beckham, 1966
224 Other poets, The Airmen, by Selden Rodman, 1941
225 Other poets, John Bennett, 1966-1978
226 Other poets, John Bennett, includes signed publication and drafts, 1988, 1991, undated
227 Other writers, Maximilian Beck, signed publications and clippings, 1947-1950
228 Other poets, Margo Nikitas, 1951-1952
229 Other poets, Laura Benét (possibly Ingalls' relative), clippings, 1933-1953
2210 Other poets, Norma Farber, 1983-1984
2211 Other writers, Food and Population Problems in China, Peace Plan, Michael Chang, 1951
2212 Other writers, Two Plays, Betty Bandell, 1963
2213 Other poets, F. C. Brooke, 1889-1892
2214 Other poets, L. D. Clark, 1981
2215 Other poets, John [unknown], 1961, undated
2216 Other poets, David Forslund, correspondence, manuscript, 1967
2217 Other poets, Burnham Eaton, poems, clippings, 1969, undated
2218 Other writers, [Frances Eldredge], journal, 1944, 1980
2219 Other writers, James Shevill, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, correspondence, ephemera, 1994-1996
2220 Other writers, Karl Shapiro, W. B. Yeats, Conrad Aiken, William Hersey, Burnham Eaton, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, selected correspondence and ephemera, 1941-1982
2221 Other poets, John Moffitt, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, signed poems and ephemera, 1973-1977, undated
2222 Other poets, John Bennett, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, clippings, poems, correspondence, 1971-1989
2223 Other poets, Lee Anderson, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, correspondence, clippings, 1964-1972
2224 Other poets, Travis Lane, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, correspondence, poems, undated
2225 Other poets, John Holmes, exhibited at UA Poetry Center, poems, ephemera, 1942-1958
2226 Other poets, Vijay Chadha, editor, submission to MOSAIC, correspondence, poems, 1990
2227 Other poets, Marguerite Wardlow, undated
Series 7 Stephen Vincent Benét circa 1950-1958
Extensive research materials, copies of correspondence, and correspondence transcripts related to author Stephen Vincent Benét. It is unclear who gathered these materials, some notes indicate it may have been Mary Dearing-Lewis, or possibly Ingalls’ student at Rockford College, Miss Church.
2228 Benét correspondence transcripts, includes Benét family, 1903-1950, circa 1950
2229 Benét correspondence transcripts, includes Benét family, 1909-1940, circa 1950
2230 Benét correspondence copies (Orthochromatic Reflex Paper), 1920s-1940s, circa 1950
2231 Benét correspondence transcripts, 1920s-1940s, circa 1950
2232 Benét correspondence transcripts, correspondence, articles 1920s-1950s, circa 1950
2233 Benét correspondence copies (Orthochromatic Reflex Paper), 1920s-1950s, circa 1950
2234 Benét correspondence copies (Orthochromatic Reflex Paper), publications, 1920s-1950s, circa 1950
2235 Benét correspondence to Davidson Day, copies (Orthochromatic Reflex Paper), 1930s-1940s, circa 1950
231 Benét correspondence with Paul Engle, transcripts, 1932-1940, circa 1950
232 Benét correspondence with Robert Nathan, transcripts, 1938-1944, circa 1950
233 Benét correspondence with Pauli Murray, transcripts, 1939-1943, circa 1950
234-5 Benét project notes and research, correspondence copies and transcripts, circa 1950
236 Benét project notes and research, includes Laura Benét narrative, 1940s-1950s, circa 1950
237 Introductory note, Miss Church's thesis on Benét, Rockford College, circa 1958
Series 8 Notebooks 1933-1999
Extensive collection of notebooks, over 240. Ingalls made many notes about her research and pasted in many images and newspaper clippings. Many notebooks contain an index to content subjects or particular points of interested taped to the front cover. Series organized by section beginning with General Notebooks (as named by Ingalls), Seacross and Patmos notebooks (content related to war, politics, and anthropology), Mao, Chinese and Asian History, Translation notebooks, then notebooks identified by title of work or specific sub-topic. Each section organized chronologically.
238 General notebook, 1933-1941
239 General notebook, 1937
2310 General notebook, 1937-1939
2311 General notebook, 1930s
2312 General notebook, 1937-1940
2313 General notebook, 1941-1956
2314 General notebooks, 1953, 1956, 1957
2315 General notebook, 1957-1968
2316 General notebook, 1960-1962
2317 General notebook, 1963-1977
2318 General notebook, 1982-1985
2319 General notebook, 1983-1984
2320-21 General notebooks, 1984
2322-24 General notebooks, 1985
241 General notebook, 1985-1987
242-4 General notebooks, 1986
245 General notebook, 1986-1987
246 General notebook, 1988-1989
247-9 General notebooks, 1989
2410-11 General notebooks, 1991
2412-13 General notebooks, 1992
2414-16 General notebooks, 1993
2417-18 General notebook, 1994
251-2 General notebooks, 1995
253 General notebook, 1998
254 General notebook, 1998-1999
255-17 Seacross and Patmos, 17 notebooks, 1941- ca. 1979
261-20 Seacross and Patmos, 21 notebooks, 1979-1991
271-18 Seacross and Patmos, 16 notebooks, 1992-1999
2719-20 Mao's poems, research for Dragon in Ambush, 2 notebooks A-B, circa 1976
281-19 Mao's poems, research for Dragon in Ambush, 19 notebooks C-U, circa 1973-1977
291-13 Mao's poems, research for Dragon in Ambush, 13 notebooks V-Z, AB-AI, KYC, 1975-1985
2914 Theater, Middle East and Asia, undated
2915 Polynesia and China, 1944
2916 Modern Chinese Poetry, 1945
2917 Asian history, 1950s
2918 Library of Cypress, Orientalia Division, Sesquicentennial Brochure, 1952
2919 Japanese Literature, 1956
2920 Far East, Eurasia, 1960
2921 Central Asia, Mongols, 1984-1987
2922 The Concept, Ch'i Yun sheng Tung, ca. 1996
301-5 Translation, Chinese, 1945-1950s, circa 1980
306-13 Translation, Japanese, circa 1950-1973, undated
3014 Translation, Daniel G. Blinton, ca. 1970
3015 Power Vierina, undated
3016 The Risen God, undated
3017 Tahl, Voyage by Fire, undated
3018 The Parable of the Talents and other verses, undated
3019 Bardo Thodol, undated
3020 Hawthorne, undated
3021 British novels, undated
3022 Card Catalog of loan info for Ingalls' library, undated
3023 Glossary of terms, A-F, undated
3024 Glossary of terms, G-R, undated
3025 Glossary of terms, S-Z, undated
311 Modern biography, 1929-1932
312 College coursework, 1926-1932
313 College course, 1920s-1930s
314 The Shelbourne Essays, 1928-1930
315 English literature, 1932
316 Drama 101, circa 1933
317 Mahabharata, circa 1935
318 Shapiro Poems, 1940-1953
319 Epic and world literature, 1941
3110 Taoist texts, 1945
3111 Canyon, 1945-1947
3112 English literature, 1945
3113 History 201, Chinese History, Univ. of Chicago, 1945
3114 The War Between Was and Is, 1946
3115 Chinese Paleography, 1946
3116-17 Chinese 201, Univ. of Chicago, 1946-1947
3118 English 244, 19th Century Poetry, 1950s
3119 English 226, American Literature, 1950s
321 Asiatic literature, circa 1950
322 Course, 18th Century World Citizen, Rockford College, 1950s
323-6 Course, Chinese History, Rockford College, 1951
327 Mao and the Chinese Empire, 1952
328 Asia in American Literature, circa 1956
329 China in American Literature, circa 1956
3210 East West Seminar, Rockford College, 1956
3211 Benét, Eliot, Aiken, 1957
3212 Pound and Jeffers, 1957
3213 Melville, Japan, 1957
3214 English Literature, 1957-1958
3215 Whitman, Poetry, circa 1958
3216 The Poet's View of History, 1958
3217 History 209, Chinese History and Literature, 1959, undated
3218 English 355, Contemporary Poetry, Rockford College, 1960
3219 Understanding Moby Dick, Kobe studies, 1960
3220 Pounds' Cantos, 1962
3221 Cultural Dynamics in Asian History, 1962, undated
331 Inventory, poetry collection, undated
332 Sketches, drawings, undated
333 Hahyuna, undated
334 Normand, undated
335 The Rebellion of Nimrod, undated
336 The Vision of Akhenaten, undated
337 This Particular Irish, undated
338 The Twice Boru, The Dead God, undated
339 Scrapbook of poems (other authors), 1924-1928
3310 Tahl, 1933-1934
3311 Tahl, circa 1940
3312 Christ in Cornwall, 1942
3313 The Middest Fabian, poems, 1947, 1948
3314-15 Galilean Way, circa 1948, 1949
3316 Hallucination journal, 1950
3317 The Epic Tradition, 1950s
3318 Gilgamesh and Epic of Babylonia, circa 1955
3319 Christian themes in Current American Literature, 1956
3320 Ise and Nara, circa 1957
3321 The Woman from the Island, circa 1958
3322 Poems, memos, 1958-1990
3323 The Uses of Poetry, 1959
3324 These Islands Also, circa 1959, 1982
3325 Magnode, 1960
341-4 Gilgamesh, Bibliographies: General notes, early chronology, stored in original hosiery boxes, circa 1960
345 Gilgamesh, notes, stored in original hosiery boxes, circa 1960
346 Gilgamesh, clippings, GE and D, stored in original hosiery boxes, circa 1960
347-8 This Stubborn Quantum, 1966, circa 1983, undated
349 History of Nature, 1974
3410 Rappaccini's Daughter, 1975
3411 Children's verse, transcriptions, circa 1975
3412 Eliade's A History of Religious Ideas, 1978
3413 The Christian Harmony, circa 1978
3414 A Summer Liturgy, 1976
3415 Celestial Railroad, circa 1979
351 Around the Compass, 1946-1948
352 The Legacy of Maimonides, Ben Zion Rokser, The New Yorker, 1950
353 Vincent Scully, Pueblo Mountain Village Dance, 1978
354 Notes on Papagoes, circa 1980
355 Axtell, The European and the Indian, 1981
356 Kranz, The Religions of the American Indians, 1982
357 Great Hare Traditions, Amerindian notes, 1982-1986
358-12 Ceremonial Sky, Amerind, 1978-1986
Series 9 Photographs, Personal Items and Oversize circa 1860-1990s
Includes loose photographs and albums from Ingalls relatives, albums created by Ingalls, Dearing-Lewis or as gifts to Ingalls, and a range of personal items including baby books, childhood memorabilia, non-academic scrapbooks and clippings, and items that are oversize or oddly shaped (card catalogs), paintings, framed drawings, oversize manuscripts and ephemera. Organized by type and chronologically.
3513-38 Photographs, loose, family, friends and academic subjects. Includes tintypes (Folder 13), circa 1860-1990s
361-11 Photograph albums, 1940s-1990s
371-5 Photograph albums, 1966-1991
376 Negative of drawing of Ingalls by Kent Bentson, 1948
377 Marjorie Flack Benet, register of deaths, weddings, events, 1772-1813
378 Novum Testamentum, Greek, gift of Marjorie Flack Benet in 1957, 1822
379 Poem on textile, Kan-tai-shi, undated
3710 Reading glass, possible invented by Ingalls, undated
3711 Scrapbook, photos, postcards, sketches, undated
3712 Scrapbook of cartoons, undated
3713 Catalog cards, Ingalls' Asian library, undated
3714 The Keyograph, device for teaching sight reading for music, circa 1910
3715 Ingalls' baby book (leather degraded-red rot), 1911-1916
3716 Family photographs, correspondence with enclosure, 1913-1976
3717 Poems, typed, for Froo L. B. on SS Breman, 1914
3718 France Gilmor, funeral program, photos, biography, 1930s, 1990s
3719 Catalog cards, Bibliography of publications by Ingalls, 1932-1989
3720 Poems More or Less, scrapbook, Dearing-Lewis, 1934-1965
3721 Shih Ehring, handwritten copy, 1940s
381 Wen Shun-chi, manuscript, pamphlet, signed by author, 1949, 1981
382 War Department medal, awarded to Chester Wardlow, 1940s
383 Postcards, Egypt, Lebannon, Greece, Italy, 1950s
384 Cleaning cloth, glasses, Japan, circa 1958
385 Travel diaries, Japan, 1958
386 Skrapbooks, postcards, Asia/Japan, 1958
387 Clippings, photographs, 1960s
388 Box of objects: baby shoes, dolls, Poet laureate medal, business cards (Japan), circa 1911-1963
389-10 Jeremy's 65th Birthday Letter Books, 1976
3811 Mary Ashley Cheek award, Rockford College Alumni Association, 1989
391 The Woman From the Islands, art sculpture with wood and stone, Wayne Perkins, oversize, 1960
392 Photograph album, oversize, 1900s-1920s
393 Photograph album, oversize, 1960s-1980s
394 Photograph album, oversize, 1970s-1980s
40 Framed paintings, Tufts diploma, sheet music, photographs, portraits of Ingalls, drawings, oversize, 1932-1990s
41 Framed oil painting, portrait of Ingalls, by Beverlie Maynard, oversize, 1960
Series 10 Publications 1880s-1990s
Monographs, anthologies, journals, literary magazines and off-prints of Ingalls’ publications and smaller collections of works by other authors including research materials and titles from Ingalls personal library.
42 Monographs by Ingalls, and books from personal library, 1880s-1990s
43 Anthologies and books with contributed material from Ingalls, 1940s-1990s
44-45 Literary magazines and journals with contributions from Ingalls, 1940s-1990s
461-25 Off-prints, magazines and loose materials with contributions by and about Ingalls, 1940s-1990s
Series 11 Audio Visual and Media 1960s-2000s
47 Mostly audio cassettes (about 3-4 dozen) with some 3” and 7” reel magnetic tape audio. One CD labeled “photos”, 1960s-2000s