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Edward Mathewson Papers 1964-1948

MS 594

Collection Summary

Creator: Mathewson, Edward Payson, 1864-
Collection Name Edward Mathewson Papers, 1864 - 1948
Inclusive Dates: 1864 - 1948
Physical Description:31 linear feet
AbstractThe Edward Mathewson Papers contain the work of Canadian metallurgist Edward Mathewson, known for his work with Anaconda Copper Mining Company and later, his service as a professor at the University of Arizona. The collection includes five series pertaining to Mathewson’s personal and work life. Materials include manuscripts, mining papers, patents, letters and correspondence, scrapbooks, published books and papers, journals, diaries, blueprints, photo albums, photographs, postcards, financial records, certificates and degrees, and other ephemera.
Collection NumberMS 594
Repository University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Edward Payson Mathewson was born on October 16, 1894 in Montreal Canada to parents James Adams and Amelia Seabury (Black) Mathewson. He was raised with an Episcopalian upbringing and focused on his studies as a child. Interested in mining, he enrolled at McGill University, a public university in Montreal, and received his Bachelor of Science degree in mining in 1885.

Post-graduation, Mathewson moved to Pueblo Colorado in 1886 began working as an assayer at Pueblo Smelting and Refining Company, where he rose to the position of general superintendent of the plant by 1889. It was early on in his career as an assayer that Mathewson met Alice Barry, whom he was infatuated with instantly. The couple married in 1890 and throughout his career, Mathewson continued to write about his wife profusely. During the couple’s early years together Mathewson took on the job of superintendent at Pueblo (Colorado) Smelting and Refining Company (1889-1897). Next, he joined Guggenheim’s Sons technical staff in 1897 and followed this with becoming the superintendent and manager at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Monterey, Mexico, and Antofagasta, Chile, until 1902. He remained under the employ of Anaconda Copper Mining Company (1902-1916) while also staying on as the manager of Washoe Reduction Works of company at Anaconda (1903-1916).

As a metallurgist, Mathewson received several other honors and awards during his career. He received gold medals from the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy in London (1911) as well as from the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America (1917).

Mathewson soon returned to Canada and worked as the general manager of British American Nickel Corporation, Ltd., in Toronto from 1916-1918. After this excursion, he became the director and consultant metallurgist at American Smelting and Refining Company in New York (1918-1919). He remained a consultant metallurgist since 1919. From 1919-1926 he took on work as a private consultant.

Still interested in pursuing further degrees, Mathewson completed further coursework and received his Doctorate of Science from Colorado School of Mines in 1920. Two years later, he received his Doctor of Laws degree. He was an active member of the American Institute Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, including a stint as President in 1923. He also was a notable Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. During his time in Tucson, he was part of the Old Pueblo Club.

In 1926, Mathewson came to the University of Arizona in Tucson to teach mining administration and metallurgical courses. He continued with this career until his retirement in 1942 and passed away a few years later on July 13, 1948.

Mathewson, a dedicated scholar, never forgot to strengthen the bonds of family at home. He and Alice had four daughters and a son: Alice Seabury (Mistress E. V. Graybeal), Grace (Mistress North Carolina Streit), Gertrude (Mistress Arkansas Nolin), Mary Elizabeth (Mistress E. F. Bissantz), and Edward Payson.

Scope and Content Note

The Edward Mathewson Papers contain the work of Canadian metallurgist Edward Mathewson, known for his work with Anaconda Copper Mining Company and later, his service as a professor at the University of Arizona. The collection includes five series pertaining to Mathewson’s personal and work life. Series I consists of mining papers and materials, including work related manuscripts, mining papers, mining machinery patent designs, books, periodicals, scrapbooks, and blueprints with a date range 1891-1950. Some of the papers within this series include mining correspondence and letters, papers from publications that Mathewson worked on, as well as some material from his work as a professor at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

Series II includes printed and negative photographs that Mathewson took while working in different mines across the country as well as tourist photographs taken while on vacation by himself or with his family. Earlier photographs are taken in 1877 with the later of the photos being taken in 1922. There are both loose and rolled photographs as well as a series of scrapbooks and family photo albums (1877-1931).

In the third series, there are various forms of correspondence including a large collection of postcards from different countries. Some of these postcards have correspondence on them while others remain unused and were collected as Mathewson traveled Europe. There are also several mining photographs, taken by Mathewson, that were used as postcards. Mathewson’s letters include several compiled collections of letters he wrote to his wife, Alice Barry. Also included are letters to other members of the family, personal correspondence to friends and colleagues, and University of Arizona related correspondence as acting professor. A subseries also includes diaries and journals written by both Edward and Alice, as wells as a few cashbooks that tracked the family finances.

In Series IV there are printed materials from 1900-1950, including many newspapers. Some of the clippings are about mining, but many of the clippings are about the opera—one of Edward’s personal pleasures. There are also a few large landscape prints. Series V includes various ephemera related to Mathewson’s life. Items include certificates and degrees he was awarded, plaques from scholarly associations, and a small collection of pins and medallions.


This collection is organized into 5 series
Series I: Mining Papers and Materials, 1891-1950
Subseries 1:Manuscripts, 1891-1927
Subseries 2: Mining Papers, 1930-1948
Subseries 3: Patent Materials, 1893
Subseries 4: Books and Periodicals, 1903-1937
Subseries 5: Scrapbooks, 1900-1950
Subseries 6: Blueprints,
Series II: Photographs, 1877-1922
Subseries 1: Printed Photographs
Subseries 2: Photo Albums, 1877-1931
Subseries 3: Glass Negatives, 1917
Series III: Correspondence, 1897-1950
Subseries 1: Postcards
Subseries 2: Letters, 1897-1943
Subseries 3: 1919-1950
Series IV: Printed Matierals, 1900-1950
Subseries 1: Newspaper Clippings, 1900-1950
Subseries 2: Prints
Series V: Ephemera, 1881-1916
Subseries 1: Certificates and Degrees, 1881-1910
Subseries 2: Plaques, 1904-1915
Subseries 3: Pins and Medallions, 1901-1916



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Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Barry, Alice.
Mathewson, Edward Payson, 1864-1948.

Corporate Name(s)
Anaconda Copper Mining Company.
McGill University.
Mining and Metallurgical Society of America.
University of Arizona.

Geographic Name(s)
Arizona - Tucson.
Montana – Anaconda.

Copper mines and mining.
Mining engineering.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Edward Mathewson Papers (MS 594). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Processing History

Processed by Eleni Camacho and Michelle Nicole Boyer-Kelly.

Container List

Series 1 Mining Papers and Materials, 1891-1950
Series I contains materials directly related to Mathewson’s work as a metallurgist and his other work in the mining industry. The first subseries contains work related manuscript papers, many of which contain Mathewson’s thoughts and ideas for bettering the industry. A few correspondence letters are also included. The second subseries contains a collection of papers Mathewson kept regarding his work at several mines across the country and internationally, as well as some personal correspondence regarding his business taxes, work as a professor, and other mining related papers. They remain housed in the order Mathewson archived his papers to remain true to his vision. This subseries also includes items that have been separated based on their association to different mines and scholarly associations. The third subseries contains materials related to a mining machinery patent Mathewson was working on in 1893. The fourth subseries contains books and periodicals pertaining to different aspects of mining and metallurgy. Subseries five contains materials that have been bound in scrapbooks and includes photographs, postcards, and greeting card correspondence that Mathewson took, wrote, or receiving on business or while working in the mining industry. The sixth series includes blueprints of mining machinery.
Subseries 1 Manuscripts, 1891-1927
11 Work Related Manuscript Papers, 1891-1898
12 Work Related Manuscript Papers, 1898-1901
13 Work Related Manuscript Papers, 1900-1902
14 Work Related Manuscript Papers, 1903-1906
15 Work Related Manuscript Papers, 1925-1927
Subseries 2 Mining Papers, 1930-194
16 Mining Related Papers, 1930-1939
21 Anaconda Mining Papers, undated
22 The Scientific American, Correspondence, 1892
23 The Scientific American, Correspondence, 1892-1893
24 Work Related Correspondence and Articles, 1893-1937
25 Gold Medal Award, 1911-1917
26 Various Mining Documents, 1928-1948
Subseries 3 Patent Materials, 1893
27 Patent Materials, 1893
Subseries 4 Books and Periodicals, 1903-1937
28 Publication on Montreal, undated
29 Travel Books on Hong Kong, undated
210 Anaconda and the Great Smelter, 1903
211 Publications on Mining and Metal, 1907-1939
212 Arte de Los Metales, 1908-1918
213 Arte de Los Metales, 1925
214 Publications on Business, 1914-1930
215 Small Publications, 1917-1940
216 Mining and Metallurgy, 1921-1923
217 Publication on Mining Resources, 1926
218 Publications on Montana, 1936-1937
Subseries 5 Scrapbooks, 1900-1950
31 Work Related Scrapbook, undated
41 Scrapbooks, Postcards book, 1900-1950
42 Scrapbooks, Newspaper scrapbook, 1900-1950
43 Scrapbooks, Photographic scrapbook, undated
44 Scrapbooks, Miscellaneous, 1930s
45 Scrapbooks, New York, undated
46 Scrapbooks, Cards and correspondence, 1930-1950
Subseries 6 Blueprints, undated
51 Blueprints of mining machinery, undated
Series 2 Photographs, 1877-1931
Series II contains photographic materials. There are photographs in various sizes and in different mediums. While many of these photographs appear to be tourist photographs from trips, some may have also been taken while Mathewson was working. The first subseries includes printed photographs that are loose and unbound, including photographs taken within the United States and internationally, including Mexico, South America, Germany, and England. Many of the printed photographs that are loose were rolled and need additional processing to flatten them back to their original form. The second subseries includes photograph albums ranging from personal family albums to work, travel, and art albums. The third subseries contains glass negatives.
Subseries 1 Printed Photographs, undated
6 Photographs, undated
7 Photographs from Mines, undated
8 Large and Oversize, Fragile, undated
Subseries 2 Photo Albums, 1877-1931
91 Small black family album, undated
92 Large black family album, undated
10, Family album, 1877-1889, 1914-1931
11 Work, Travel, and Art, undated
12 Work, Travel, and Art, 1881-1939
13 Work, Travel, and Art, 1890-1931
14 Work, Travel, and Art, 1900-1922
15 Work, Travel, and Art, 1905-1913
16 Work, Travel, and Art, 1907-1913
17 Work, Travel, and Art, 1911-1934
18 Work, Travel, and Art, 1915, 1918-1921
19 Work, Travel, and Art, 1921-1922
Subseries 3 Glass Negatives, circa 1917
20 Glass Negatives, some from India, circa 1917
Series 3 Correspondence, 1897-1950
This series includes postcards, letters, diaries, and journals from Edward Matheson and other individuals close to him, including his wife Alice Barry. Subseries one contains postcards from across the world that Mathewson collected, sent, and received. Postcards have been categorized based on country, with secondary categorization based on cities if there are multiple postcards from a specific city within a country. Some miscellaneous postcards include photographs of mines that Mathewson took and used to send as postcards. Subseries two consists of correspondence and letters authored by Mathewson. A majority of the letters are related to his relationship with Alice Barry, although there are some additional university related letters and miscellaneous correspondence. Correspondence has been arranged by chronological date order. Subseries three consists of diaries and journals from Edward and Alice Mathewson as well as a few cashbooks that tracked the family’s daily finances.
Subseries 1 Postcards, undated
211 Austria
212 Austria - Bad Gastein
213 Austria - Graz
214 Austria - Innsbruck
215 Austria - Lazenburg
216 Austria - Salzburg
217 Austria - Vienna
218 Canada
219 Canada - McGill University
2110 Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2111 Ceylon
2112 China - Hong Kong
2113 Czech Republic - Prague
2114 England - London - Hampton Court Palace
2115 England - Tynemouth
2116 France - Paris
2117 France - Versailles
2118 Germany
2119 Germany - Berlin
2120 Germany - Charlottenburg
2121 Germany - Dresden
2122 Germany - Hanover
2123 Germany - Leaders
2124 Germany - Lubeck
2125 Germany - Munich
2126 Germany - Nuremberg
2127 Hungary - Budapest
2128 Ireland
2129 Italy - Firenze (Florence)
2130 Italy - Lago di Como and Bellagio
2131 Italy - Lavandaie (stream)
2132 Italy - Milan
2133 Italy - Rome
2134 Italy - Trieste
2135 Italy - Venice
2136 Japan
2137 Japan - Ashio Mine, Nikko
2138 Japan - Kyoto
2139 Japan - Nagasaki
2140 Japan - Tokyo
2141 Mexico - Aguascalientes
2142 Miscellaneous
2143 Miscellaneous - Mines
2144 Netherlands
2145 Netherlands - Friesland (Frisia)
2146 Netherlands - The Hague
2147 Netherlands - North Brabant
2148 Netherlands - North Holland
2149 Netherlands - Zeeland
2150 New Zealand
2151 South America - Mining
2152 Switzerland
2153 Switzerland - Bern
2154 Switzerland - Brienz
2155 Switzerland - Bristen
2156 Switzerland - Geneva
2157 Switzerland - Gotthard Railway
2158 Switzerland - Interlaken
2159 Switzerland - Lucerne
2160 Switzerland - Pilatus and Rigi (mountains)
2161 Switzerland - Uri Rotstock
2162 Switzerland - Veytaux
221 United States - Alaska
222 United States - Arizona
223 United States - California
224 United States - California - Santa Barbara
225 United States - California - Yosemite Valley
226 United States - Hawaii
227 United States - Illinois
228 United States - Kansas
229 United States - Kentucky
2210 United States - Maine
2211 United States - Montana
2212 United States - Montanta - Anaconda
2213 United States - Montana - Warm Springs
2214 United States - Nevada
2215 United States - New Hampshire
2216 United States - New Jersey
2217 United States - New Mexico
2218 United States - New Orleans, Lousiana
2219 United States - New York
2220 United States - Oregon
2221 United States - Pennsylvania
2222 United States - Utah
2223 United States - Washington D.C.
2224 United States - Yellowstone National Park, WY
Subseries 2 Letters, 1897-1950
22 25 Childhood Artwork , undated
22 26 Letters to Alice Barry , 1897-1916
22 27 Letters to Alice Barry , 1921
22 28 Letters to Alice Barry , 1922
22 29 Letters to Alice Barry , 1921-1927
22 30 Letters to Alice Barry , 1924-1938
22 31 Family Related Work , 1900-1950
22 32 Personal Correspondence , 1912-1947
22 33 University Related , 1922-1937
22 34 University Related , 1936-1943
Subseries 3 Diaries and Journals, 1919-1950
22 35 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1919-1938
22 36 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1923-1926
22 36 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1931-1937
23 1 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1943-1944
23 2 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1945
23 3 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1946-1947
23 4 Diaries/Journals written by Alice , 1949-1950
23 5 Journal written by Edward, 1898
236 Diary and Almanac, 1901
237 Diaries written by Edward, 1923-1924
238 Cash Books, 1889-1910
239 Cash Books, 1907-1913
2310 Cash and Ledger Books, 1917-1922
Series 4 Printed Materials, 1900-1950
This series includes printed materials related to Mathewson, including both his interest in newspaper clippings about art, the theatre, events, and mining as well as some of his certificates and degrees. Subseries 1 is a collection of newspaper clippings, circa 1900-1950, collected by Mathewson. Due to the nature of these clippings, many of the clippings are fragile and should be handled with extreme care. Smaller, loose clippings have been enclosed in envelopes within their folders to try and further protect them from deteriorating. The second subseries includes prints of landscapes.
Subseries 1 Newspaper Clippings, 1900-1950
2311 Loose, undated, circa 1900-1950
2312 Loose, undated, circa 1900-1950
24 Loose, bound clippings, undated
Subseries 2 Prints, undated
25 Landscape prints, undated
Series 5 Ephemera, 1881-1916
This series includes certificates, degrees, and awards that Mathewson received during his career. Subseries one consists of several certificates and degrees that Mathewson was awarded, many of which remained rolled and need further preservation. The second subseries includes two plaques Mathewson received relating to mining and metallurgy. Subseries three includes several small pins and medallions that Mathewson received from different organizations.
Subseries 1 Certificates and Degrees, 1881-1910
26 Certificates and Degrees, 1881-1910
Subseries 2 Plaques, 1904-1915
27 International Association of Bridge and Structural Workers Plaque, 1904
28 Anaconda Mill and Smeltermen's Union Plaque, 1915
Subseries 3 Pins and Medallions, 1901-1916
29 Pins and Medallions, 1901-1916