OSIRIS-REx Mission records, 2012-2021

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Series I: OSIRIS-REx Mission Information, 2018-2021
Sub-Series 1: L+22 Days Checkout and Calibration Campaign, July 7th-22nd 2018
Sub-Series 2: Approach Phase Part 1 and Part 2, August 13th-December 2nd 2018
Sub-Series 3: Preliminary Survey, December 3rd-30th 2018
Sub-Series 4: Orbital A, December 31st 2018-February 21st 2019
Sub-Series 5: Detailed Survey, February 22nd-June 7th 2019
Sub-Series 6: Orbital B, June 8th-August 4th 2019
Sub-Series 7: Orbital C, August 5th-September 8th 2019
Sub-Series 8: Reconnaissance A, September 9th-October 27th 2019
Sub-Series 9: Orbital R, October 28th 2019-January 5th 2020
Sub-Series 10: Reconnaissance B, January 6th - February 16th 2020
Sub-Series 11: Reconnaissance C, February 17th - March 29th 2020
Sub-Series 12: Sample Collection, March 30th-November 8th 2020
Series II: OSIRIS-REx Science Implementation Plan, 2012-2020
Sub-Series 1: Bennu and the Operational Environment, 2013-2014
Sub-Series 2: Instrument Capabilities, 2012-2017
Sub-Series 3: Objectives, 2012-2016
Sub-Series 4: Implementation of Science Requirements Level 1,
Sub-Series 5: Implementation of Science Requirements Level 2 by Science Working Group,
Sub-Series 6: Data Products,
Sub-Series 7: Science Team Organization, Glossary and Acronyms,
Series III: OSIRIS-REx Science Team Wiki, 2013-2020
Series IV: OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Features Nomenclature Proposals,
Series V: OSIRIS-REx Mission Ephemera, Promotional Materials and Physical Memorabilia,
Sub-series 1: Pins, Coins and Magnets,
Sub-Series 2: Patches and Stickers,
Sub-Series 3: Posters and Promotional Materials,
Sub-Series 4: 3D Models, Drinkware and Additional Materials,
Series VI: Social Media,
Series VII: Project Planning Documents,