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Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives photograph collection, 1850-1995

SJA 006

Collection Summary

Creator: Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives
Collection Name:Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives photograph collection,
Inclusive Dates: 1850-1995
Physical Description:3.5 linear feet
Collection Number: SJA 006
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains photographs and negatives, copyprints, photocopies, slides, and contact prints which depict wide-ranging types of subject matter regarding Jewish individuals and institutions. The bulk of the photographs were made in the South west United States, principally Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico. These photographs are especially revealing of the role of Jews in the establishment of commercial, religious, and other communal institutions in the American West during the seco nd half of the nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth century. Also present are more contemporary depictions of Jewish individuals and groups which have been prominent in this geographic region.

The collection also contains a few photographs from Michigan, Colorado, Israel, Europe, Latin America, and other locations.

Items are arranged by the state in which the depicted object was located, then alphabetically within the state according to the name of the relevant individual, institution, or the subject matter of the photograph.

The states listed are Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. A final category includes photographs from all other locations.

Where a negative or slides are present, that has been indicated in CAPS in the finding aid


This collection is organized into five series
Series 1: Arizona
Series 2: New Mexico
Series 3: Texas
Series 4: California
Series 5: Miscellaneous





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Access Terms

Frontier and pioneer life -- Arizona -- Photographs.
Frontier and pioneer life -- New Mexico -- Photographs.
Frontier and pioneer life -- Texas -- Photographs.
Jewish businesspeople -- Arizona -- Photographs.
Jewish businesspeople -- New Mexico -- Photographs.
Jewish businesspeople -- Texas -- Photographs.
Jews -- Arizona -- Photographs.
Jews -- California -- Photographs.
Jews -- New Mexico -- Photographs.
Jews -- Texas -- Photographs.

Genre Form(s)
Black-and-white negatives.
Color negatives.
Color photographs.
Slides (Photographs).

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives photograph collection (SJA 006). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraies.

Container List

Series I: Arizona
1 Alpha Phi Omega.
Group portrait of thirteen women: unidentified; Jeri Feldman; Poje Kalil; unidentified; Betty Liebert Moore; Janet Cohen Krupp; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; Shirley Alter Franklin. All standing women unidentified (ca. 1940 at the Universi ty of Arizona).
Group portrait of nineteen seated women. Individuals include Betty Liebert Moore; Jeri Feldman; Poje Kalil; Janet Cohen Krupp and Shirley Alter Franklin. Others in photograph are unidentified (ca. 1938 at the University of Arizona).
1 Amado, Melissa.
Photographs from David Burkhalter.
Page of NEGATIVES of Melissa Amado and Ruth Reed Miller (September 3, 1993).
1991 conference on the Inquisition in the Americas.
New Years day (1991).
1 Appel, Nathan B.: Two photocopies of photographs of Nathan Benjamin Appel - territorial chief of police in Tucson. One original photograph of Nathan Benjamin Appel (1846).
1 Arizona Experience And Anne Frank Exhibit: Photographs from Alice Amado showing the Arizona Experience Exhibit and the Anne Frank Exhibit. Arizona Experience was a multicultural exhibit that displayed issues of discrimination and intolerance in Arizona (open to the public August 28 - Septembe r 22, 1995).
1 Arizona Jewish merchants: Exhibit of Arizona Jewish Merchants (1994 from Arizona Jewish Historical Society/Greater Phoenix Chapter).
1 Arizona Pioneer Jews show.
1 Arizona Territory: Maps.
1 Alef Tzadek Alef (AZA) in Tucson 1941; unidentified: Photograph of an unidentified social event. Tucson girls have dates with boys from Phoenix AZA - Congregation Al 1941.
1 Barth, Solomon and family.
Photographs of Solomon Barth and the Barth family (Solomon Barth lived 1842-1928).
Portrait of Frederika Barth (mother of Solomon Barth).
Portrait of Clara Barth (sister or daughter of Solomon Barth). Clara was born in 1882.
Photograph of Barth Mercantile.
Group portrait of (top row, l-r): Carl Blassingame; Tom Perez; Commodore Owens; Dan Dubois; Dr. Dalby(?). (bottom row, l-r): Solomon Barth; St. George Creaghe; John Doyle Lee.
1 Bellman, Lamar and family.
Photographs of Lamar Bellman who was a pioneer merchant and owned a small army/navy store called Bellman's Department Store in Safford, Arizona; married to Celia Levy.
Two photographs of Bellman on a tractor.
Photograph of Bellman with a car.
Photograph of two other photographs. One photograph is of Ben Bellman in the 1980 (son of Lamar Bellman; Bellman married Evelyn Barnett). The second photograph is of the brand of Lamar Bellman (ca. 1935-1970).
Group photograph of Bellman with three unidentified men.
1 Bendalin.
Photographs of unidentified man (Howard Bendalin?). Photograph is taken in front of a farm field. Howard Bendalin was from Lithuania. He started a farm in Arizona in 1936.
Photograph of a page from Howard Bendalin's original passport. The words "Zemdirbys" and agriculture indicate an "educated farmer." This was the basis for his admission to the United States in the 1930s.
1 Bilgray, Rabbi Albert: Photograph of Rabbi Albert T. Bilgray and Rabbi Jacob Ott at a conference entitled "The Hidden Jews of the Southwest" (University of Arizona, January 27, 1991).
1 Bloom, David and Leona.
Billboard sign for Dave Bloom and Sons store (1971).
Advertisement on the side of bus (1971).
Board of Directors of the Men's Club of Temple Emanu-El on December 1, 1947 in Tucson, Arizona. Sitting around the table form left to right were: Louis Shenkarow; M. Bernfeld; L. Sakin; Saul Deittel; David Bloom; Rabbi Albert Bilgray; D. Hirsh; B. Va n; William LeBoff Pragg (?).
Advertisement on the side of a bus (December 1973).
Dave Bloom in a suit and hat.
Herb Bloom in a suit and hat holding a camera.
David Arthur Bloom, Joe Haggar, and an unidentified man.
Display case at the front of the store which reads "Lakeland Profile of Fashion!"
Playboy Bunny standing in front of suits - probably at the Dave Bloom and Sons Store (March 1968).
Unidentified group of men standing around a Playboy Bunny. In the front of the photograph were (l-r): Herb Bloom; the Playboy Bunny; Ted Bloom; and Dave Bloom.
Herb Bloom shaking an unidentified man's hand under "Lakeland" sign (1973).
Horse drawn carriage with advertisement for "Dave Bloom and Sons" on its side in the Tucson Rodeo Parade. In the carriage: Herb Bloom; Dave Bloom; Ted Bloom (1971).
Unidentified man and woman by a "Lakeland for Sport" sign (December 1970).
Two unidentified men shaking hands in front of a "Lakeland" sign.
Display case in the store which holds a sneak preview of the fall sweater fashions.
Display case in the Dave Bloom and Sons store entitled "Canyon Colors."
Photographs of an unidentified boy on a swing; at the beach; jumping into a bush; jumping into a pile of seaweed; sitting in the sand putting on a cowboy boot.
Photographs from J. Robert Burns of two unidentified men wearing football uniforms jumping in the air; two unidentified men wearing football uniforms.
1 Bloom family.
N.A.R.C.F. Convention - Dorothy and Louis Rothschild; Imelda and Henry Loeb; Herb Fixler and Dave and Lee Bloom (February, 1960). Black and white.
Bloom family - Dave Sr. and Clara Bloom; their three sons and wives; another couple.
Photograph of first high school banquet (1940).
Color photograph of Herb Bloom, Danny Thomas and Dave Bloom, Jr.
Photograph of H. Koffler, Lee Bloom, Dave Bloom, Jr., and Abe Chanin (October 14, 1986).
Man and Woman of the Year (Paul Plunkett and Ella Brazelle). Dave Bloom, Jr. is also in the photo (December 15, 1965).
Initiation of Alpha Delta Sigma (Dave Bloom, Jr. - seated, third from left; January, 1953).
City of Hope Awards (1988). Left to right: Betty Rosen (Ex. City of Hope); Herbert Ferrin Bloom; Ted Ferrin Bloom; David Arthur Bloom, Jr.; Fred Rosen (National Board of Directors, City of Hope).
Three women seated outdoors at a picnic table.
Confirmation class at Temple Emanu-El. Alan Bloom - son of Dave and Lee Bloom - is third from left in second row (1958).
Nikki Bloom in his soccer uniform (son of Alan and Nan; 1994).
Photograph of Alan Bloom, Jeffry Bloom and Harold Aarons as children.
Framed school photo of Richard Bloom (son of Dave and Leona Bloom).
School photographs of Richard Bloom (son of Dave and Leona; 1958-1959).
"Happy Holidays" photo card featuring Zachary Bloom (son of Alan and Nan Bloom; 1994). Writing to grandparents (Dave and Leona Bloom) on back.
Matted baby photo of Barb Reinhardt (name not legible).
El Zaribah (Tucson Patrol) group photograph with names on back.
1 Bloom family business.
Photograph of Myers & Bloom Store. Dave Bloom, Sr. (rear, far right; 1911).
Myers & Bloom Store Dave Bloom, Sr. (left) and J. Cress Myers (1906).
A horse-drawn carriage featuring an advertisement for Dave Bloom and Sons. Carriage is in front of store; appears to be in a parade.
At fire prevention program. Dave Bloom, Jr. (standing left; June 1, 1954).
1 Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives inauguration.
Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives inauguration (October 23, 1988) Photograph shows Elizabeth Ramenofsky, author of From Charcoal To Banking, at the autographing table.
Mrs. Bertha Breger and Mrs. Sylvia Plotkin.
The book sale.
A photo display.
University of Arizona President H. Koffler.
Abe S. Chanin introducing the speakers.
President H. Koffler & director Chanin.
Harry Rosensweig; Sandy Bloom; Ted Bloom; Dave Bloom.
Ralph Feffer; Director Abe Chanin.
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Bloom being honored.
An unidentified couple.
3 contact sheets.
Floyd Fierman signing his book, Roots & Boots.
Floyd Fierman addressing a group.
Floyd Fierman with Bertha Breger and an unidentified woman.
Bertha Breger and an unidentified woman looking at the book Pioneer Jews.
1 Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives open house.
(April 23, 1995) The Bloom Archives' World Wide Web exhibits being viewed by Melissa Amado and Ray Thompson.
Harry and Paula Karchmer - signers in the Endowment Book of Life.
Stuart Glogoff and Gene Amado.
Jennifer Wolinsky.
Buffet table.
Sophia Truneh and her son Jared.
Herman "Cappy" Capsuto and his wife Libby Capsuto.
Leonard Dinnerstein (Director of Judaic Studies) and Carol Karsch (Executive Director of the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona).
Harry Karchmer, Paula Karchmer, and Stuart Glogoff viewing Web exhibit.
Herman Capsuto, Jennifer Wolinsky, and James Abel viewing exhibit.
Herman Capsuto and Jennifer Wolinsky viewing Web exhibit.
Herman Capsuto, Jennifer Wolinsky, and Sophia Truneh at Web exhibit.
Capsutos, Jennifer Wolinsky, and James Abel viewing Web exhibit.
Stuart Glogoff, Carol Karsch, Esther Sherberg, James Abel, and Melissa Amado.
Harry Karchmer, Glogoffs, viewing Web exhibit.
Oscar Denenbergs, and L. Glogoff viewing Web exhibit.
Shaol Pozes, M. Amado, S. Glogoff, and Evie Pozez viewing Web exhibit
Dean Carla Stoffle, S. Glogoff, and Evie Pozez viewing Web exhibit
S. Glogoff and Evie Pozez viewing Web exhibit.
S. Glogoff, E. Pozez, and M. Amado viewing the Web exhibit.
NEGATIVES (April 23, 1995).
1 Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives, Sinclair Library dedication.
Dedication (Mar. 25, 1990) - Dave Bloom; Leona Bloom; President Henry Koffler.
Abe Chanin; Dave Bloom; two unidentified men.
Contact sheets.
1 Bloom, Ted: Portrait of Ted Bloom by Ray Manley Portraits (1993).
1 Brandes, Ray and Elsie: Ray and Elsie Brandes.
2 Breger, Rabbi Marcus.
Marcus Breger at unidentified synagogue.
Breger (by Smith Studios, ca. 1945) - served overseas as military chaplain.
Breger (by Gene Lindsey).
Group portrait during Passover on Okinawa.
Group photograph: Breger; Maurice Folkow; an unidentified man wearing tallis, holding prayer books, and standing in front of a sculpture of the Ten Commandments.
Group portrait; gathered around a table.
Breger standing in front of a table; tablecloth bears the words "Holy, Holy."
Breger and his wife; unidentified woman.
Breger looking through a telescope.
Bregers in the "wilderness".
World War II memorabilia from Japan.
Bertha Breger - wife of Marcus; unidentified child in front of a car.
2 Brown M. J.
M.J. Brown; instrumental in starting B'nai B'rith and its junior organization in Tucson and Arizona; helped start the Tucson Lodge (now M.J. Brown Lodge) and Temple Emanu-El in the 1910s.
Brown on a horse (Tucson 1947).
2 Cabat, Erni and Rose.
Portrait of Erni and Rose (February 26, 1987; Cabat Studio - 627 N. 4th Ave., Tucson).
Viewing art of the Cabats: Anna Glass (mother of Mrs. Dottie Erman); Seneca Erman; Rabbi Jordan Cohen; Cantor Janece Erman Cohen; Rose Cabat; Esther Mangel; Inez and Bernie Sloane; Mrs. Dottie Erman.
Cabat family: Rose; George; Erni; Michael; June (1949; Driscoll St., Tucson).
2 Capin family.
Samuel Capin (ca. 1925).
Samuel Capin (1877-1931) - merchant in Tucson; President of Congregation Anshei Israel.
Dora Loon Capin (1875-1939) - married Hyman Capin.
Dora Loon Capin - grandson Harlan Capin (1930-); 1932.
Lillian Bracker Capin (ca.1925).
Capin children: Sadye; Philip; Bessie; Samuel Capin.
Rebecca Goldstein Bracker (1866-1951) - married Herman Bracker; daughter married Samuel Capin.
Bracker family: Joseph; Molly; Ada; Rose; Fanny; Lilian; Lillian Bracker married Samuel Capin.
Portrait of Hyman Capin family: Sam; Ben; Zellie; Jake; Hilliard; Robert Marcus; Sadye Capin Marcus; Philip; Fanny; Blossom Chernon; Harry; Bessie Capin Chernin; Ione Marcus; Sam Marcus; Hyman Capin; Blossom Capin; Dora Loon Capin; Ruth Chernin; Gert rude Chernin (ca.1924 1926).
Group photograph: Phil Capin; Dan Smith; Mayor Lois Hudgin; unidentified others - in Nogales (ca. 1940s) in front of aluminum deposit.
Group photo: Jake and Zellie Capin (April 15, 1970); the day of groundbreaking for their 101-room Americana Motor Hotel in Nogales.
Group photo: Zellie Capin; unidentified others at Bohemia Club, Sonora, Mexico.
2 Cemetery headstones (Tucson).
Louis N. Cohen - son of Nathan and Rebecca Cohen (died August 5, 1887).
I.F.Coppel (died Feb. 3, 1804).
Joseph and Therese Ferrin (died Oct.16, 1926 and Feb. 25, 1911, respectively).
Harry Greenblatt (died 1915).
Morris Grossman (died April 24, 1918).
Fischel Klein (died June 19, 1915).
William Lans (died 1907).
Morris Metzner (died Feb. 18, 1904).
Eugenie Meyer (died July 6, 1916).
Ben Spodeck.
Gus Klein Stiffel (died Sept. 2, 1907).
Amelie Stiffel (died June 10, 1925).
Mitchell Gilbert Zuroff (died Oct. 14, 1927).
Two contact prints showing memorial headstones of the persons listed above.
Other headstones.
2 Chanin, Abraham and Mildred.
At archives seminar - Sheraton of Prescott, Arizona (1991). NEGATIVES.
Speaking at a B'nai B'rith meeting (Tucson Jewish Community Center; 1993).
Mildred Chanin at conference on the Inquisition and Hidden Jews (Tucson; Jan. 27, 1991).
SLIDE of A.Chanin at the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives.
2 Clifton (AZ) mining and railroads.
2 Cohen, David: David Cohen (ca. 1932-1933; Tucson).
2 Cohen, M.D. and Harriet: Portrait: in front of an unidentified house.
2 Combined Jewish Appeal.
Combined Jewish Appeal meeting in Tucson.
Women's Jewish Appeal leadership meeting (1956).
Combined Jewish appeal leadership meeting (1960s); Jud Kane and Donald Diamond.
Eleanor Roosevelt; Mrs. Mark Lefkovitz; Mrs. Meyer Cohen; Mrs. I. Horowitz; Mrs. Morris Shanhouse (January 26, 1961; Jewish Community Center).
2 Congregation Beis Menachem (Phoenix): Mikveh under construction at Congregation Beis Menachem (formerly Tiphereth Israel) - Chabad of Greater Phoenix.
2 Davis, Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis and unidentified others around a table.
Lew Davis and unidentified man.
Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher; Mr. Mardian; at Passover Seder (1961?).
Davis and unidentified others at Passover Seder (November 1961?).
Lew Davis; M. Khazyan; others; at Passover Seder (1961?).
2 Diamond brothers.
Benjamin Diamond next to his delivery horse and wagon (1917).
Luis Diamond behind the bar; other men at Bassett Tower (Tucson).
Diamond Brothers Cleaners; standing by the desk is Benjamin Diamond; seated at the desk is his brother, Luis Diamond (1917).
2 Dickstein/Bromi: One contact sheet of photographs of two men in a car
2 Dietrich family.
Harvey Dietrich and unidentified others with prize steer(1951)
Sign: "Sun Land Beef Co."
Harvey Dietrich standing in front of several teepees.
Harvey Dietrich riding a horse.
Harvey Dietrich using a branding iron.
One contact print showing various Dietrich family photographs.
2 Douglas cemetery restoration.
Restoration occurred Nov. 22-Dec. 6, 1992; rededication on April 25, 1993.
Headstone for Nathan Cohen (1852-1936) - one of the few intact gravesites.
Headstone for Ben Greenberg (1893-1942).
Headstone for Ilitzky.
Headstone for Ben Silver (died April 2, 1926).
Road near the Douglas cemetery.
Abe Chanin speaking to a group of unidentified people.
Mitch Dorson leading a prayer.
Mitch Dorson looking at a headstone.
Unidentified group of people standing among several headstones.
Cochise County and University of Arizona Hillel volunteers restoring cemetery.
Jesus Montano and Michael Boldt during their lunch break.
Unidentified woman working on the restoration.
Michelle Mordka Rubin.
Alon Becker.
Two contact sheets of the restoration.
2 Douglas Military Camp: Harry Baelion (?) and a horse at a military camp in Douglas, Arizona (June 1918).
2 Drachman, Harry.
Group photo: three women; two men standing by stone wall (Drachman is second from the right).
Two unidentified women standing in front of a house.
Unidentified woman in front of a car in the woods.
Group photo: in front of a car and trees (1938).
Unidentified group posing on a wall.
Group photo: Henry Levine; Jaoquin A. Legarra; Harry Glucksman; Drachman.
2 Drachman, Philip: Mr. and Mrs. Drachman (post 1868; New York City).
2 Drachman, Samuel.
Samuel Drachman.
Document: contract between Drachman and Albert Steinfeld(1883).
Jenny Migel Drachman.
At Palace Cigar Store (132 W. Congress St., Tucson Arizona): Sam Katzenstein (miner); Samuel H. Drachman; Owen T. Rousse (attorney).
2 Feldman, Alther Marcus Sr.
Home in Tucson, Arizona.
Contact sheet: A.M. Feldman and his home.
2 Ferrin home: Former Ferrin home (Tucson, Arizona; 1990).
2 Fireman, Bert: Portrait.
2 Franklin family.
Victoria Jacobs Franklin (1860).
Maurice A. Franklin (1862).
Louis Abraham Franklin.
Selim Franklin.
Selim Franklin; Maurice Franklin; Louis Abraham Franklin.
2 Franklin home: Franklin home (406 N. Main St., Tucson,Arizona; 1990).
2 Fruchthendler, Jacob.
Group photo: Fruchthendler being honored.
Fruchthendler congratulating Lawrence Irell of Los Angeles.
Group photo: Fruchthendler; Martin Ginsburg; S.L. Schorr; unidentified person (1967).
Group photo: Martin Volk; Arthur Goldberg; Fred Rosen; Donald Diamond; Fruchthendler.
Fruchthendler School (Cloud Road, Tucson).
Group photo: in front of "Royal Hawaiian."
2 Giss, Maurice: Bar Mitzvah - with his parents Harold and Goldie Giss of Yuma.
2 Gold, Charles.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gold and child of Tucson.
2 Goldbaum, Julius.
Exterior of house (1990; Tucson).
Exterior of house; "Old Town Artisans" sign (1990).
"Wine Barrel " ceiling in Courtyard Cafe (1990).
2 Goldbaum, Nathan and Emma: Nathan and Emma Goldbaum (ca.1935).
2 Goldberg family: Group photo: Aaron Goldberght.
2 Goldwater family.
Michael Goldwater residence (1890s; Prescott).
Morris Goldwater - from the Arizona Historical Foundation.
Morris Goldwater (1879) - served as Mayor of Prescott.
Goldwater store in Prescott, AZ.
Interior of the Goldwater Store.
Henry Goldwater at home (Prescott).
NEGATIVES; Goldwater family photo.
Sam Goldwater (1880; photographer: Erwin Baer).
Joseph Goldwater.
Sen. Barry Goldwater in Tucson, Arizona.
Michael Goldwater.
Henry Goldwater's home (Prescott; ca. 1890s).
Goldwater's store (1880s) with views of city and countryside.
M. Goldwater & Bro. Store (ca.1880; Erwin Baer photographer).
2 Gotthelf, Isadore: Interior of American Grocery (ca.1880).
2 Grossman house: Benjamin N. Brook; Grossmans; William Gordon.
2 Grossman, Lou: Street scene from Oatman, Arizona; Grossman standing in the crowd holding a megaphone.
2 Grouskay, Eli.
Grouskay with grandchildren: Renee; Randy; Karen.
Sign which states "Legacy of the Land Arizona's Jewish Ranchers and Farmers."
Cartoon of Eli Grouskay's penchant for feeding his cattle until they became enormous.
Four unidentified men at the Arizona National Livestock show(1960).
Unidentified man; sign which reads "Grouskay Cattle Co." and "Grouskay Feeding Co."
Unidentified man riding a horse.
Unidentified man in a corral with several cows.
Contact sheet.
2 Handmaker, I.H.
2 Har Zion Congregation (Paradise Valley): Views of the front door, sanctuary, ark, lecterns, tree of life, and memorial plaques.
2 International Conference On Inquisition/Hidden Jews(Tucson, Jan. 27, 1991).
Stan Hordes; Harriet Rochlin; Francis Hernandez; Tomas Atencio.
Mildred Chanin; Beth Chanin Rudolph; Stan Hordes; Dr.Salvador Martinez; Eduardo Garrigues.
Two contact sheets of the conference.
Daniel Swetchinski; Gunter Bohm; Ruth Reed; Stan Hordes;Mildred Chanin.
2 Jacobs family.
Lionel M. Jacobs.
Barron M. Jacobs.
Henrietta Jacobs.
Store front sign which reads "Jacobs Block."
3 Jewish Family Services.
Group photo: doctors panel; chairperson, Dr. Boris Zemsky(1951).
Group photo: Jack Cole; Lilian Rosensweig; Sanders Solot;Bunny Epstein; Dave Garber. Seated (l-r): Lillian Goldwyn; Betty Brook; Jean Myerson (1977).
3 Joint Distribution Committee: Ben Brook; Herbert Lehman(ca. 1943).
3 Katzenstein, Sam: NEGATIVES of a document entitled "Index to Real Estate Grants - Pima County, AZ."
3 Kellner, E.B.: Newman; E.B.Kellner(1880s)
3 Klein, Matilde.
Sukkah; Klein's Boarding House (700 block E. 3rd St., Tucson;ca. 1940).
Matilde Klein (ca. 1941).
Unidentified group (1942).
3 Koffler, Henry.
3 Krupp, Alvin and Janet Cohen: Portrait.
3 Lantin, Max: Lantin's Store (Globe, AZ;1880s).
3 Lesinsky.
View of the San Francisco River - Clifton.
Clifton street scene.
Group photo (ca.1880-1885): Rose Hood; Bernard Weisl; Frances Weisl; Anna Weisl; Bertha Lesinsky; Mathias Recht; Emma Recht; Sigmund Weisl;Charles Lesinsky.
Group photo in front of the Clifton Hotel: Sam Abraham; Jake Abraham.
Freight wagons carrying hay and water to the copper mines,Arizona (1900s).
Narrow gauge train between Clifton and Metcalf.
Lesinsky Railroad from Clifton mines.
3 Levin, Alexander.
Alexander Levin.
Portrait of Alex Levin and wife Xenohia Molina de Levin.
3 Levy, D.
D. Levy and Co. - General Merchandise and Palace Saloon(1903).
Fair Store (Bisbee; 1995).
3 Levy, Leon: Levy holding a football.
3 Lipschultz, Menachem: Portrait at about 40 years of age(ca.1935).
3 Lisitzky family.
Group photo: Navajo County Fair, Holbrook (1964).
Max Lisitzky and his wife Mollie Lisitzky on their golden anniversary standing behind a cake.
3 Maimonidean Society (University of Arizona): Group photo(1941): Edmund Shulman; Eleanor Birdman; Alsie Raffman; Ruth Cohen; Ted Luri; Abe Chanin; Art Goldstaub.
3 Mansfeld family.
Eva Goldschmitt Mansfeld.
Jacob Samuel Mansfeld.
Jacob Samuel Mansfeld and his family.
3 Marshall, Jonathan and Maxine: Portrait.
3 Miller, George: Portrait
3 Miller, Joseph and Ruth.
At Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives.
Ruth Ruiz Reed at Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives.
Amulet of the Ten Commandments worn by Ruth Miller.
3 Mining and railroads.
Group of men standing in front of the "Fashion Saloon."
Horse and cart on a mountain side.
Shannon Copper Company's reduction plant.
Narrow gauge train.
San Francisco River flooding.
Mules freighting silver from Silver King Mine to the mill at Pinal City, AHS.
3 Moreno, Charles.
Portrait: first kosher butcher in Tucson - a Mexican American non-Jew.
3 Murillo, Lupita: Lupita Murillo and godchild at the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives.
3 Newman, Jack B.: Newman and E.B. Kellner(1880s).
3 Owls Club (Tucson): Owls Club building, 1990 (the Owls Club was a small and exclusive group of bachelors who enlivened Tucson from 1886-1912).
3 Perlman, Nathan David.
Perlman holding his ceramic art works.
Sculpture, entitled "Immortality," shows a kneeling women and an infant.
With his sculpture of a reclining figure.
Perlman with sculpture of three figures together.
Perlman with sculpture of a seated woman and a child.
Sculpture entitled "The Wanderers;" two figures are shown on a bed.
Sculptures of the head of a woman.
Sculpture entitled "Discovery."
Sculpture entitled "Praying girl."
3 Pioneer Women of Arizona Doll Collection.
Collection of dolls of pioneer Jewish women.
Doll of Jennie Migel Drachman.
Doll of Bettina Donau Steinfeld.
Doll of Julia Frank Zeckendorf.
Doll of Julia Kaufman Strauss.
Doll of Terese Marx-Ferrin.
Doll of Josephine Marcus Earp.
Doll of Clara Ferrin Bloom.
Doll of Dora Loon Capin.
Doll of Anna Freudenthal Solomon.
Doll of Rosa Katzenstein Drachman.
Dolls: Anna Freudenthal Solomon; Terese Marx Ferrin; Rosa K. Drachman.
Dolls: Julia Kaufman Strauss; Julia Frank Zeckendorf; Dora Loon Capin.
Dolls: Josephine Marcus Earp; Bettina Donau Steinfeld.
3 Prescott buildings.
Prescott after 1900 fire.
Hampton Funeral Home.
Various homes.
Stained glass window.
Contact sheet and NEGATIVES sheet.
3 Rothman, Ed: Ed Rothman (ca.1903).
3 San Xavier del Bac Mission.
A. Steinfeld scratched his name on stairwell (1890).
"Aaron Zeckendorf" (1871) etched on the wall.
Graffiti, names of Alexander Levin, Zenona Levin on wall.
Name of Goldman.
Name of Harry S. Goldman etched into the stairwell.
Contact sheets and negatives.
3 Schuster Store (Holbrook).
A & B Schuster Company store (ca.1920s).
A & B Schuster Company store (ca.1929).
Schuster store (1965-66).
Holbrook before the fire (ca. 1888).
Interior of the Holbrook store (1890s).
A & B Schuster general merchandise store (ca. 1884).
3 Shiff family.
Group photos: Mr. and Mrs. Shiff; their son Howard.
Mr. and Mrs. Shiff.
Howard Shiff in a football uniform.
Costume party; Eva Shiff (April 1949).
3 Shulman, Alsie Raffman: Portrait of faculty member at University of Arizona (ca. 1920s).
3 Silver Bell Road objects: Objects found on Tucson's Silver Bell Road (September 13, 1924) by hiker Charles Manier. The relics are made upof silver and tin with curious inscriptions, crosses and Christian symbols, Moslem crescents, candelabra, and Latin phrases.
3 Sisterhood of Tucson: Group photo (ca.1892).
3 Solomon business.
Blanche and Anna Solomon in a horse and carriage (ca. 1902).
Solomons' store.
Group photo: George H. Kelly; Dan Ming; John Fitzgerald; Cal Leitch; Judge Rouse; Gov. Franklin; I.E. Solomon (1897).
Solomon's Copperhill store (1909). Harry Solomon is third from the left.
The Solomon store.
Gila Valley Bank - first office in Solomon Commercial Store.
Sign which reads "I.E.Solomon dealer in general merchandise."
Advertisement for I. E. Solomon's store.
Group photo: inside of Solomon Commercial Store.
Group photo: inside of Solomon's store.
Dedication ceremony of the Highway 20 marker for Solomonville(November 23, 1957).
Solomon Hotel (1906).
Montezuma Flour Mill in Solomonville.
Norma Clark in front of post office (ca. 1906).
View of Solomonville.
Exterior of the Solomon Commercial Company (ca. 1912).
Invitation to the execution of Augustin Chacol on Nov. 12, 1902.
Stock certificate: Gila Valley Bank to I.E. Solomon (1900).
Registered IE cattle brand of Solomon (October 13, 1885).
Interior of the Commercial Co farm equipment store (1913); H. Solomon; F. Blake; G. Robbins(?).
Wagon freight between Clifton and Solomonville.
The Solomon/Weinberger wedding (ca. June 1907).
3 Solomon family.
Group photo: Frieda Freudenthal Mashkin; Mollie Freudenthal;Louis Freudenthal; Anna Solomon; Nattie Ferrin Solomon.
Lillie and Blanche Solomon (ca. 1901).
Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Solomon (Los Angeles)on their Golden Wedding Anniversary (1921).
Rosalie Freudenthal (mother of Anna Solomon).
Louis Freudenthal (father of Anna Solomon).
I.E. Solomon (1894).
Group photo: Wolf Freudenthal; Frieda Freudenthal; Phoebus Freudenthal; Morris Freudenthal; Anna Freudenthal Solomon and Isadore Elkan Solomon (1888).
Group photo - wedding of Lillie Solomon and Max Lantin: Harry Solomon; Rose Solomon Goldberg; David Goldberg; Lillie Solomon; Max Lantin; Blanche Solomon; Eva Solomon Wetzler; Harold Goldberg; Isadore Solomon holding a photograph of Julius Wetzler; Ru th Goldberg; Anna Solomon; Sidney Wetzler; Charles Solomon (August 14, 1904).
Group photograph (unidentified).
The Solomonville baseball team (ca. 1898): John Nash; Jake Sellers; Charles Solomon; I.E. Solomon; patron; Luther Green; Charles Thompson; W.B. Kelly; Andy Alexander; John Alexander.
Anna Solomon (1918).
Group photo: Charles F. Solomon on roof with camera.
Charles F. Solomon at age 20 (1893).
Group photo - "Carnival Queen and her Attendants": Lillie Solomon (Solomonville); Maude Marsh (Prescott); Kate Sherman (Kingsman); Miss Kingman (Globe); Miss Laura Peak (Yuma); Lena Pordy (Phoenix); Agnes Todd (Flagstaff); Hazel Goldberg (Phoenix); Ru th Jossop (Phoenix).
Philip and Elizabeth with mother, Lillie Lantin (1918).
3 Spielberg, Steven.
3 Spitalny family.
Max Spitalny (1925).
Sam Spitalny holding a violin at his Bar Mitzvah (1913).
Sam Spitalny and a cow (1945).
Sam Sptalny on a horse (1928).
Betty Spitalny with the grand champion bull (1934).
Larry Spitalny with his prize winning bull (1946).
Feed for Sam's cattle (1949).
3 Stein/Miller families.
Henry Stein (ca. 1900).
House where Walter Stein was born (Tucson; ca. 1910).
Ray, AZ, facing toward Sonora (ca. 1920).
Hettie Schoenthal Stein at picnic in Ray, Arizona (ca. 1920).
Mrs. Jacob Miller (Gertrude Schoenthal) and children (ca. 1915).
Group photo: Juliet M. Ferria and others in Grandpa Franklin's Ford (ca. 1919).
Three Miller brothers and families (Sal, Jake, and Al; ca.1920).
Juliet Miller at age 10 years and seven months (1910).
Advertisement which reads "Jacob Miller representing Julius Goldbaum" (ca. 1899).
Ruth Stein and Juliet Miller.
3 Steinfeld family.
Steinfeld's store (Tucson).
Grocery department of Albert Steinfeld Store (1880s).
Photo of interior of Steinfeld Department Store (1890s).
Steinfeld mansion (1990).
Albert Steinfeld (ca.1882).
Mrs. Albert Steinfeld (ca.1880).
3 Stone Avenue Temple (Tucson, Arizona): Re-dedication ceremony of the Stone Avenue Temple (November 6, 1994).
4 Strauss, Julia: Photograph of Julia Kaufman Strauss (wife of Charles M. Strauss; ca.1880s).
4 Temple Beth Shalom (Green Valley, Arizona).
Temple Beth Shalom (February 22, 1995) - dedication ceremony.
Helen Chazonaf (wife of Zev Chazonaf) at the dedication of Temple Beth Shalom.
Pincus Glick reciting prayers in Hebrew while Augusta Feinstein translates, at dedication of Temple.
Roslyn Sirata speaking on "Coming of Age" at the dedication of Temple.
David Sirata singing; Ann Schaffer at piano.
Rev. Joe Carroll, at the dedication of Temple.
David Sirata speaking at the dedication.
Zev William Chazanof at the dedication.
Lester Somon at the dedication.
Torah being presented at the dedication.
Dr. Lillian Solomon reciting the blessing over the candles.
Henry Brodsky holding the Torah in front of the ark at the dedication.
Michael Sirata at the dedication.
David Sirata and his son Michael singing a duet at the dedication.
Rev. Tim Holt at the dedication.
Henry Feinstein at the dedication.
Herbert Morgan and his wife Mary Ann leading the procession to carry the Torah to the ark.
Unidentified individuals at ark; Morris (Sonny) Gucerst (the builder of the ark) stands to the right.
Cappy Gallant blessing the bread.
Cappy Gallant in front of the ark handing bread to Herbert Morgan.
Eternal Light over the ark.
4 Temple Emanu-El (Tucson, Arizona).
Original Temple Emanu-El; plaque at the Temple site (1988).
Original Temple Emanu-El.
Plaque at site.
Members of the Young Singers; one of the Tums quartet, which included Sam Zavalo(?); Murray Fruchtman; Stanley Nivens; Ed Bloom (ca.1946).
4 Temple Solel (Paradise Valley, Arizona).
Exterior view.
Stained glass window on the exterior of the Temple.
View of the bimah (prayer stage) in the sanctuary.
Door leading to the Al and Fran Sachs Family Sanctuary inside of the Temple.
Ark in the sanctuary.
"Tree of Life."
Memorial plaques which contain the names of "The Builders."
A wall-hanging in the sanctuary.
Art work in the Temple.
Stained glass window, from the inside.
Artwork in the sanctuary.
4 Tombstone, Arizona cemetery.
Plaque dedicated to Jewish pioneers and their Indian friends by Jewish Friendship Club (1984).
4 Tucson, AZ.
Pennington Street - Park Brewery (ca. 1881).
View of Tucson Plaza.
View of Meyer Street.
4 Tucson historic Torah flight: Ceremony involving the sending of a Torah to Israel (l-r): Robert Imberman; Mrs. & Mr. Morris Grossman; Dr. Marcus Breger; Stan Phillips (March 25, 1958).
4 Tucson Jewish Community Council.
4 Tucson Jewish organizations.
Group portrait: five men; four women; Abe Chanin; David Bloom; Leona Bloom.
Group photograph of 3 men reading a paper.
Group photograph: David N. Ginsburg; Marvin H. Volk; Ambassador James Roosevelt; Stanley A. Katcher; four men are gathered around a newspaper called "The Mitzvah" (1957).
Five men; Marvin Volk is standing to the far right.
Five men and five women. Standing from left to right: Paul Baker; Lex Sears; David Leonard; Dan Karsch. Seated from left to right: Betty Anne Krause; Alice Baker; Judith Sears; Judy Leonard; Carol Karsch.
Group photograph: Liz Cohen; Benjamin N. Brook; Morris Cohen.
Group photograph: Sylvia Fiese; Harry Fiese; Mrs. Aaron Stiglitz; Leonard Scheff (1970s).
Group photograph: M.H. Bolk; Morris K. Udall; Benjamin N. Brook; Yale Stuart (1960s).
Group photograph: Benjamin N. Brook; Mary Jefferies; Harry Goden; Ethel Gorodess; Fred Rosen - at evening fund raising (1960s).
Group photograph: Gov. Howard Pyle; Benjamin N. Brook; David Kramer (1950s).
Group photograph: Rabbi Breger; George Jessel; B.N. Brook; M.Schwerin; H. Kaufman (1950).
4 Udall family.
David K. Udall and his first residence at St. Johns (ca.1880).
Udall and his basketball teammates (ca. 1940s).
4 United Jewish Appeal.
Group photograph: Ben Bemer; Sadie Danciger; Lillian Goldwyn; Inga Kaufman; Gertrude Kaliher (1950s).
Presentation of check to United Jewish Appeal by Carol Stern and Alvin D. Stern (1970s).
4 University of Arizona.
A meeting of students, Rabbi Bilgray, and others at home of Naomi Dumes (1940s).
Old Main (1897-98).
4 Weizenbaum, Rabbi Joseph: Rabbi Weizenbaum and his wife.
4 Zeckendorf family.
Zeckendorf and Company freight wagon.
L. Zeckendorf store (at corner of Main and Pennington, Tucson, Arizona).
Congress and Main St., looking north toward Zeckendorf and Stash Store (ca.1874).
Directory (1881). W.M. Zeckendorf noted as merchant, and sole agent for Bain Wagon.
L. Zeckendorf building (ca. 1882).
Zeckendorf Store decorated for the General Miles celebration(1887).
Parade in honor of Gen. Nelson A. Miles.
Employees and bystanders in front of store (1896). Three photos; includes: Harry A. and Mose Drachman; Albert Steinfeld; Louis Zeckendorf.
Portrait: Johanna Zilenfeld Zeckendorf; her mother; daughter Julia; granddaughter, Frieda Steinfeld in Hanover, Germany (ca. 1864).
William Zeckendorf and family at picnic (ca.1888).
Zeckendorf family.
Louis Zeckendorf (ca.1854).
Louis Zeckendorf, with cane (ca. 1931).
William Zeckendorf (ca. 1875)
Julia Zeckendorf (ca.1875).
Mrs. William Zeckendorf (nee Julia Frank; ca. 1880s).
Mrs. William Zeckendorf (ca. 1880s).
Mrs. William Zeckendorf (1880s).
William Zeckendorf II and Harold Steinfeld.
Home of William Zeckendorf (1890).
Series II: New Mexico.
4 Amberg, Jacob: Jacob Amberg.
4 Atencio, D. Tomas: Dr. Tomas Atencio.
4 Bibo family.
Solomon Bibo (governor of Acoma) and his officers (1885); l-r: Jose Miguel Chirco; Pedro Sanchez (Indian Agent); Hashti Martin de Valle; Jose Berendo, principal; Santiago Orilla; Santiago Conipo Linazeteah; Lorenzo Pancho; Lorenzo Lino; Lorenzo Schau wa Kury; Toribio Mateai; Jose Ant Aujune; Napoleon Paricho; Andres Oritz (interpreter); Secretary of Indian Agent; Solomon Bibo, Governor of Acoma; Hashti in Acoma Language means "Old Man"(photo appears to be taken in Grants, N.M., presumably in 1885). Two story section house of Santa Fe Railroad in distance.
Seven men standing in front of a house (Grants, N.M.?; ca.1885).
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bibo, seated; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bibo, standing.
Simon Bibo.
Simon Bibo's store at Laguna, N.M. (ca. 1900).
Joseph Bibo (bowtie) and his wife in front of his store in Bernalillo, N.M.; boy with dog; James Bibo (their oldest son) next to him; Milton Bibo(second son); girl in wagon; Reina Bibo (Stolaroff) (their daughter).
The Bibo family tree.
Interior view of a store and five unidentified men.
Headstones of Isak Bibo and his wife (Grants N.M.; ca. 1920s).
Linita Bibo Weiss and husband, Gus Weiss in front of Cubero Store, N.M. (ca. 1890s).
Petition not to revoke Solomon Bibo's traders’ license.
Bibo family, standing, l-r: Rica Bierman; Betty Bibo; Lena Bibo/Weiss; Willie Bierman; Flora Bibo; Clara Bibo; unknown person; Irma Bibo; Adolph Bierman; unknown person; seated, l-r: unknown person; Nathan Bibo; Carl Seligman; Lucille Seligman; Joseph Bibo.
Joseph Bibo.
NEGATIVES and contact sheet.
4 Bibo, NM.
4 B'nai B'rith cemetery records (Albuquerque).
4 B'nai Israel Congregation (Albuquerque).
4 Cemeteries and monuments (Jewish).
4 Clever, Charles.
Document of appointment as Marshal, Territory of New Mexico (1858); NEGATIVE.
Document about pay to Anglo men in the militia (1861, 1862).
Group photo; l-r: General Daniel H. Rucker; Col. Kit Carson; Brig. Gen. James H. Carleton; standing, l-r: Lt. Col. E.H. Bergmann; Charles P.Clever; Col. Nelson H. Davis; Maj. Herbert M. Enos; Surgeon Basil K. Norris; Col. J.C. McFerren.
Augustine de Marie and C.P. Clever.
4 Danoff family (NOTE: many of these photos were copied from an album).
Five different coins owned by Hyman Danoff.
Certificate appointing Sam Danoff as Postmaster General in Danoffville.
Hyman Danoff's bar mitzvah momentos.
Hyman Danoff (1988).
Signs for "Rodeo Grounds, 1 [mile]" and "Danoff, 11 [miles]."
Sam Danoff; with gray hair and glasses.
Sam Danoff as a young man
Mrs. Samuel Danoff.
Three 5x7 portraits of Bertha Danoff.
Young Bertha Danoff sitting in a chair.
Ludwig Heyman family.
Documents photographed relating to the Danoff/Heyman families of Albuquerque, Gallup and Danoffville.
Danoff family photos.
Bertha Heyman-Danoff.
4 Duran, Dennis.
Portrait of Dennis Duran taken at the International Conference on Inquisition/Hidden Jews (the University of Arizona; January 27, 1991).
One NEGATIVE (Dennis Duran).
4 Fischbein family.
Portraits of Louis Fischbein (?).
Photo taken in Cd. Chihuahua of Kate F. Taylor, Louis Fischbein, Johanna Fischbein, Max Fischbein, and Anita Fischbein Ehrsam.
Johanna, Louis, and Max Fischbein on a hunting trip (1904; Parral, Mexico).
4 Floersheim family.
Photographs of the Floersheims' ranch houses (including ice house, chicken house, cook house, bunk house, Donald's home, sheds for sheep, dipping vats, corral, water source, etc.).
Correspondence between the Floersheim Mercantile Co. and Oliver P. Easterwood. Letters are dated January 8, 1908 and November 23, 1908.
Correspondence between Carl Floersheim and Dr. Floyd Fierman. Letter is dated July 14, 1953.
Correspondence between Floersheim Mercantile Co. and S.A. Mestas. Letter is dated November 1908.
The cover of the Floersheim day book which reads "Floersheim Day Book 1918".
Page from the Floersheim day book (1918).
Maps of New Mexico.
Aerial photo of headquarters, showing Lake Rhoecing(?).
Two photos of Solomon Floersheim and his son Milton (with a skull cap on his head; early 1900s).
Milton and Ben Floersheim as little boys (taken at Springer, NM; ca. 1895). Another photo of Ben and Milton Floersheim taken while cadets at Blees Military Academy in Macon, MO.
1941 brand book of the State of New Mexico showing all the brands registered for cattle, horses, mules and asses (1941).
Four copies of the Floersheims' brands for cattle and sheep.
Two photos of Milton Floersheim, Sr. (taken shortly before his death; 1957).
Photo of (l-r):Elizabeth Weiskoff Bibo (Mrs. Emil Bibo); Irma Bibo Floersheim; Ben Floersheim; Eleanor Floersheim Seligman; Randy Seligman;Donald Floersheim (1952).
Milton, Ben, and Carl Floersheim (photo taken by Don Floersheim in his living room at Jaritas Ranch; ca. 1950).
Irma Belle Bibo Floersheim and Ben Floersheim.
Group photo of Milton and his wife, Fanny Abenheimer Floersheim; Ben and wife; Irma Bibo Floersheim; Carl and wife; Cora Wise Floersheim (ca. 1950).
Marriage contract (ketubah) uniting S. Floersheim and Emma Blumenthal (December 25, 1884 New Mexico).
Ben Floersheim's swaddling cloth as transformed into Torah binder (wimpel).
4 Freudenthal family.
First advertisement for the Silver City Bank as it appeared in the Silver City Enterprise (March 7, 1884).
Group photo in front of the Hotel Don Bernardo(ca. 1904).
4 Freudenthal, Samuel: Samuel Freudenthal.
4 Gallup, NM: Buildings once owned by Jewish merchants.
4 Goodman, Jacob: United States of America Certificate of Citizenship issued to Jacob Goodman (Las Cruces, NM; April 4,1904).
5 Gusdorf store (Taos, NM).
Photo of south side of plaza in Taos; Columbian Hotel and Taos Bar on the left, Gusdorf store is at the end of the street (ca. 1917).
Plaza in Taos; general store on left; courthouse?(ca.1917).
5 Hernandez, Dr. Frances: Dr. Frances Hernandez delivering a speech at the University of Arizona International Conference on the Inquisition/Hidden Jews in the Americas and the Southwest (January 27, 1991).
5 Hordes, Dr. Stanley M.: Dr. Stanley M. Hordes delivering a speech at the University of Arizona International Conference on the Inquisition/Hidden Jews in the Americas and the Southwest (January 27, 1991).
5 Ilfeld family.
Page from a subscription book with list of stockholders of the Santa Fe Hotel and Building Company (1880, 1881).
Ludwig Ilfeld on a horse (ca.1894).
New York Governor Teddy Roosevelt on horse named Maude owned by Ludwig Ilfeld; Rough Riders reunion (June 21, 1899; Las Vegas, New Mexico).
Fred Ilfeld at age seven with father and national guard officers (Columbus, NM; 1914).
Young Ludwig W. Ilfeld in a western movie outfit.
Major Ilfeld in uniform (Columbus, NM; ca. 1914).
Ilfeld building at Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Ludwig William Ilfeld in fire chief's uniform.
Theodore Roosevelt on his horse at the Rough Riders parade (Las Vegas, NM; ca.1899s).
Reunion of Rough Riders (Las Vegas, NM).
Reunion of Rough Riders; includes Theodore Roosevelt (Las Vegas, NM).
Officers Ludwig Ilfeld and unidentified others (ca. 1914; Columbus, NM).
Col. Ludwig Ilfeld leading Las Vegas, New Mexico national guard unit at San Miguel Las Vegas courthouse to board train for Columbus, New Mexico (to chase Pancho Villa?; ca. 1914).
Ilfeld family (standing, l-r): Luis Ilfeld; Johanna Ilfeld Judell; Bernard Ilfeld; (seated, l-r): Charles Ilfeld; Wilhelm Ilfeld; Noah Ilfeld (Las Vegas, NM; 1902-4).
5 Jaffa, Nathan and family.
Family photo: Nathan; Esther; Jaffa; their children Julia; Eleanor; Ben Arthur.
Nathan Jaffa of Roswell, New Mexico (ca. April-December 1903).
Jaffa family photograph; standing in front, l-r: Robert Jaffa; Arthur Danziger; seated: Hedwig Jaffa Strauss; Sol Jaffa (Mrs Strauss' uncle); Esther (Essie) Strauss Jaffa; Nathan Jaffa; standing at back: Louis Rosenwald Strauss; Julia Jaffa Danziger; Ben Arthur Jaffa; Eleanor Jaffa; Joseph Danziger; Arthur Jaffa (Roswell, NM; mid-1920s).
Nathan Jaffa on the patio at the Palace of the Governors(Santa Fe, NM; August 2-8, 1925).
Letters from Lou R. Strauss Jr. (Nathan Jaffa's nephew) to Mr. Fierman (April 28, 1984).
5 Jewish owned stores (Albuquerque).
5 Laguna, New Mexico.
Red safe with gold-colored trim.
Two photos of the interior of a store; three photos of exterior of buildings.
5 Lamy, Archbishop John B.: Archbishop John B. Lamy of Santa Fe.
5 Las Vegas, NM.
5 Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. Carl: Mr. and Mrs. Lehman in Lordsburg, NM.
5 Leitensdorfer family: Photograph of a business document written in Spanish that is probably about Eugene Leitensdorfer who was a Santa Fe trader.
5 Lesinsky, Charles: Advertisement in the Silver City Enterprise (September 12, 1884).
5 Lewinson family.
Mrs. Leo Lewinson (1988).
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lewinson in front of home in Albuquerque, NM (1988).
Seymour Lewinson(?).
Football team - University of New Mexico.
Edith Sterns; Etta Vaughn; Roy Stamm; Seymour Lewinson; Nellie Booth (ca. 1890).
L. Lesser and S. Lewinson's clothing and dry goods store (ca. 1900).
5 Lindauer family.
Sam and Lillian Lindauer as children (1892).
Sigmund Lindauer (1893; by Brund Portraits of Chicago).
Sam, Lillian, Herman Lindauer.
An older Sigmund Lindauer.
Herman, Sigmund, and Albert Lindauer.
Herman Lindauer.
Postcard of Sam Lindauer (1910).
Lindauer Store (Georgetown).
5 Mandel, Joseph: Joseph Mandel (1988).
5 Map of New Mexico: NEGATIVE of a map of New Mexico.
5 Map of New Mexico settlements, 1694-1850: Map of New Mexico settlements from 1694-1850.
5 Rosenwald, Emanuel: Emanuel Rosenwald; NEGATIVE.
5 Santa Fe, NM.
5 Santa Fe, New Mexico buildings.
Interior of a new synagogue in Santa Fe (1988).
Entrance to the Sunday school at the Old Temple in Santa Fe (1988).
Torahs located in the New Temple in Santa Fe (purported to be the original Torahs from the first synagogue in Las Vegas; 1988).
Church with Hebrew letters (the Tetrgrammaton) above the doorway.
"The Guarantee."
Square in Santa Fe (1988).
5 Seligman family.
Julius Seligman; his wife Blanche Black Seligman; his son Thornton (Domingo, NM; ca. 1910); family is sitting on a cart drawn by two horses.
Inaugural reception (1931).
Joseph Bibo.
Bernard Seligman.
Blanche Block Seligman (Mrs. Julius).
Bernard Seligman; Zadoc Staab; Lehman Spiegelberg; Kiowa Indians.
Sigfried Seligman.
Julius Seligman.
Bernalillo Mercantile Co.- building before restoration (1960s).
Rufina Zamura (dry goods department employee for 50 years).
Julius and Blanche B. Seligman.
Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried Seligman.
Seligman-Clever store (Santa Fe; probably Plaza and San Francisco St.; 1850s).
Block print of stagecoach entering plaza from Shelby Street; Exchange Hotel; Seligman store; clock (1883).
Four boys: Julius; Siegfried; Carl; Ernest.
Milton Seligman (1988).
5 Shor, Rabbi David D. (Daniel): Rabbi David D. (Daniel) Shor (1988).
5 Spiegelberg buildings.
Home with one woman and two young girls standing in front.
Second National Bank of New Mexico.
SpiegelberShorg Bros. General Merchandise Groceries and Provisions.
Willi Spiegelberg house (Santa Fe; 1988).
Plaque - Willi Spiegelberg’s house (Santa Fe; 1988).
5 Spiegelberg family.
Sons of Levi Spiegelberg (ca. 1895-1900).
"Grandpa Willi Spiegelberg and the Goldenhaired Child" (by painter Marliyn Cohen?; 1991).
Document: appointment of Willi Spiegelberg as probate judge (1894; Santa Fe).
Levi Spiegelberg’s sons.
Spiegelberg brothers (ca. 1890).
Willi Spiegelberg at age 84.
Levi Spiegelberg (ca. 1855-60; from a reverse oil painting under a photograph on glass).
Levi Spiegelberg (ca.1900).
Betty Spiegelberg (ca. 1900).
Solomon Jacob Spiegelberg (reproduction painting by Constans Mayer; 1856).
Solomon Spiegelberg.
Unidentified men.
5 Staab, Abraham (1839-1913): Abraham Stabb.
5 Synagogue cornerstone laying (Albuquerque).
5 Taichert, Milton.
Janet Loeb interviewing Milton Taichert (Las Vegas, NM; 1988).
Milton Taichert in front of home (Las Vegas, NM; 1988).
6 Temple Albert (Albuquerque).
The original Temple Albert.
Sam Danoff and son in California.
Records of B'nai B'rith cemetery; photos of original documents.
Records of Temple Albert cemetery; photos of original documents.
B'nai B'rith cemetery; photo of original documentation.
Temple Albert.
Staab House Restaurant and Bar.
Temple Albert (1899-1900).
Document from Strong Brothers - undertakers.
Menorah from Temple Albert.
6 Temple Beth El (Las Cruces).
"Cradle Roll" - a special program for children up to the age of four; standing man is temple president Rand Greenfield; holding scroll: Leora Zeitlin; the man with the phony beard is her husband Stuart Kelter; Elaine Cohen has her back to th e camera.
Annual Gala Dinner.
Gala Dinner; shows Judy Karshner.
Gala Dinner; shows the tables decorated.
Party; Florence and Jack Levine are at the front of the picture.
Waldman Library located inside Temple Beth El; librarian is Elsa Altshool.
Religious school picnic (Apodaca Park).
Classes in Talmud; Cy Stanof(?) - middle on the far side of the table.
Temple board meeting; Joan Glickler, secretary; Paul Feil (wearing pink), treasurer.
Temple board meeting; Rand Greenfield; Joan Glickler; Gabriel Lampert; Jack Levine.
Torah study in the front of the Temple; Cy Stanof; Irv Rothman.
Class entitled "(Re)Discovering Judaism."
Rummage sale.
Religious school choir; led by Hillel Katzir - playing the guitar.
6 Weinstock, Carol (photographer): NEGATIVES and contact sheets from the work of photographer Carol Weinstock.
6 Weisl family: Group portrait (1880-1885): Simon Rosa; Bernard Hood; Soul Weisl; Frances Weisl; Anna Weisl; Bertha Lesinsky; Maikias Richt; Emma Richt; Sigmund Reisl; Charles Lesinsky.
6 Wormser, Gustav.
Gustavo Wormser's home (Deming, NM; before 1900).
G. Wormser and Co. Store (Deming, NM).
Series III: Texas.
6 Amstater family.
John Amstater (El Paso).
Father and mother of Molly Amstater.
Molly Amstater's brother and his wife, Ethel.
6 Berg/Given families.
Group photo (l-r): Deborah Given; Charles Given; Jennie Berg; Sol Berg; Julius Berg; horseback riding in resort town of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.
Group photo, probably the Berg family.
6 Blumenthal store (El Paso, TX): Blumenthal Clothier store(117 South El Paso St.; 1890-1900).
6 B'nai B'rith (El Paso, TX): B'nai B'rith group photograph(B'nai Zion Ball Room; 1978).
6 Cohen, David: David Cohen's home (W. Yandell).
6 Congregation B'nai Israel (Galverston, TX): Laying of the cornerstone.
6 Congregation B'nai Zion (El Paso, TX).
First home of Congregation B'nai Zion.
View of B'nai Zion.
Letters from Bernard Schuster about a group from B'nai Zion (1916).
Texas Historical Commission - official historical medallion (1984).
Interior of temple after fire (1984).
Exterior of temple.
Contact sheet showing exterior of B'nai Zion.
Negative sheet showing exterior of B'nai Zion.
6 Earle, Jack: Interview with Jack Earle - circus "giant"(by Times Union; July 17, 1944).
6 El Paso, TX - 2f.
6 El Paso, Texas (cemeteries).
Contact sheets: headstones from an unknown El Paso cemetery.
NEGATIVES sheet showing headstones from an unknown El Paso cemetery.
6 Fierman, Rabbi Floyd S.
Portrait of Rabbi Floyd S. Fierman (El Paso).
Contact sheet.
6 Forchheimer family.
Forchheimer store (Alpine, TX; 1921): Louis Forchheimer; dog; Louis Frank Deanda.
Group photo: family; Pau; Mathilda; Juliette; Louis; Floreme (ca. 1929).
Mathilda and Louis Forchheimer (ca.1939); letter from Paul Forchheimer.
6 Fox, Eugene: Eugene Fox in army uniform (1983).
6 Friedman, Diane.
Rachel Lipson; Vicki Rosen; Diane Friedman; (El Paso; 1984).
Diane Friedman; Evelyn Jaffe; Al Jaffe.
6 Given family.
Group photo: Ken Given family (El Paso; 1982).
Group photo: family; Thomas; Elizabeth; Richard; Andy; Barry(1982).
Charles Given's home (El Paso).
6 Gluck, Alex.
Alex Gluck's kosher butcher shop (El Paso; 1988).
Alex Gluck at work (1984).
Doris Gluck at work (wife of Alex Gluck?; 1988).
Interior Gluck's kosher butcher shop.
Two contact sheets of Alex Gluck and his kosher butcher shop.
6 Goldman, Jim: Jim Goldman (1980s).
6 Goldman, Nathan: Two men (Nathan Goldman on the right).
6 Goodman family.
Joseph Hillel Goodman (El Paso).
Mrs. Joe H. Goodman.
Joseph Hillel Goodman's home.
Aaron Goodman.
Levy Goodman's home.
6 Guttman, Mosae: Mosae Guttman and son Joseph H. Guttman(El Paso; 1924).
6 Heineman, Otto: Group photo: Hilda; August; Otto Heineman(El Paso; 1922).
6 Horwitz family: Invitation to the birthday party of Florence and Albert Horwitz (El Paso).
6 Kahn, Simon: Article: Simon Kahn and his bakery business (started in 1912; El Paso); NEGATIVES.
6 Kapilowitz-Brown Dairy (El Paso, TX).
Bob Brown at work feeding cows; he is husband of Blanche Kapilowitz.
Aerial view of the Kapilowitz-Brown Dairy.
6 Kleinfeld, Saul.
Saul Kleinfeld with the Harlem Globetrotters Basketball team in El Paso.
Group photograph of Saul Kleinfeld and Mark Goldberg (both seated) with two El Paso - Juarez (Mexico) children and a woman who benefited from their community efforts.
Saul Kleinfeld awarding baseball player Micky Rivers something to honor him (1961).
Group photo: Kleinfeld and two unidentified men shaking hands (1967).
Portrait of Saul Kleinfeld as a referee standing outside of a boxing ring.
Group photo commemorating an athletic event (1960): Julian Bershew; Marvin Roth; Saul Kleinfeld; Bobby Goldfarb; Milton Cherno; Maury Cohen.
6 Kohlberg, Ernest.
Interior of the Kohlberg Brothers Cigar Store (1890); three central figures (l-r): Siegfried Aronstein (bookkeeper); Ernest Kohlberg (proprietor); Saul Isaacs (clerk).
Exterior photograph of the Kohlberg Bros. La Internacional Factory and Store; standing in front of store: Siegried Aronstein; Chato(wooden Indian); Adolph Solomon (mayor of El Paso).
Ernest Kohlberg (1904).
Olga Bernstein Kohlberg at age 41 (1905).
Walter Lionel Kohlberg (1914).
Genevieve McHugh Kohlberg (1914).
Herbert Kohlberg.
Group photo; front row (l-r): Herbert; Leo Kohlberg; Ernest Kohlberg; Elsa Betty; Olga Kohlberg; Ernest brother's wife; Walter; Ernest's brother.
6 Krakauer family.
Adolph Krakauer (?).
Two unidentified adults and two unidentified children in an automobile.
Dinner menu for a 25th anniversary (1898); either for Luis's parents or Max Krakauer; in Chihuahua.
Exterior view of house in Chihuahua; with Max Krakauer, Luis's grandfather, Georgie and unidentified child.
6 Krupp, Haymon.
Portrait of Haymon Krupp (ca. 1910).
"Official Map of El Paso, Texas" (April 1923).
Exterior photo of Haymon and Becky Krupp's home.
Haymon Krupp.
Bernard Krupp in an El Paso downpour (March 1981).
View of an oil well; caption reads "Santa Rita No. 1....first oil well discovery on University of Texas lands.... dedicated as a permanent memorial... memorial will stand at the 19th Street-San Jacinto Boulevard entrance to the campus.... be honored w ill be the late Haymon Krupp of El Paso, developer of the Big Lake Field in Reagan County."
Exterior view of city hall in El Paso (1898); caption contains historical notes: "...used by Haymon owned by Oskar Rosen and his firm, The Limited Inc."
Three unidentified individuals standing in front of palm trees (ca. 1928).
Family portrait (ca. 1910).
6 Ku Klux Klan.
"Frontier Klansman" (El Paso; Dec. 29, 1922).
Article entitled "Frontier Klan and the Jew" (1922).
6 Levy, Leslie.
Leslie Levy of El Paso at San Pedro, CA in army training (1918).
Postal card photo of Leslie Levy and Louis Aronson near the war front (1918).
6 Lowenberg, Carl: Carl Lowenberg (El Paso).
6 Mathias home (El Paso, TX): Albert Mathias's home.
6 Nordwald family.
Building with sign which reads "H.Nordwald - Mayor y Menor" (1888).
Ben and Augstia; Otto Nordwald (El Paso; ca.1898).
Ben and Otto Nordwald (ca.1912).
Group portrait (Chihuahua; Sept. 25, 1917).
Rose Norwald.
Man holding hat.
Rose Nordwald and baby Ruth.
Baby photograph of Otto Norwald (?).
Unidentified individuals sitting around a dining room table.
Unidentified musical group.
Document granting Benjamin Norwald permission to carry firearms in Mexico (1918).
Citizenship papers for Heineman Norwald (April 6, 1878).
6 Rosenfield family.
Leon Rosenfield (El Paso).
Estelle Lyon Rosenfield.
7 Scherr, Jim.
Jim Scherr (El Paso; July 28, 1977).
Jim Scherr (November 5, 1979).
Jim Scherr (September 30, 1980).
Jim Scherr (November 16, 1982).
7 Schuster store (El Paso, TX): Exterior view of the B. Schuster & Co. (El Paso; ca.1883).
7 Schutz store (El Paso, TX).
Original store of Samuel Schutz and his brother (Franklin [now El Paso]; ca. 1865).
Samuel Schutz building.
7 Schwartz family.
NEGATIVES and contact sheets showing "The Popular" store.
NEGATIVES and contact sheet showing Schwartz business documents.
Group of men looking for the new plans for the Banett Store: Edward F. Schwartz; Herbert M. Schwartz; Albert J. Schwartz. On the wall in the photographs (l-r): Adolf Schwartz; Maurice Schwartz; Ignatz Weiss (ca. 1959).
"The Popular" - on the corner of El Paso and Overland Streets (1902).
Guarantee of deed ownership (1903-1906); NEGATIVE.
Immigration papers from the American Consulate in Budapest, Hungry.
Schwartz Dry Goods Store European account (May 31, 1940).
Interior of a clothing store.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Schwartz at a concert (December 1944).
Exterior of "The Popular" store.
Interior of "The Popular."
Ignatz Weiss and his sister Rose (early 1900s).
View of Popular service building.
Map of Hungary; circled is Miskolc.
Street map of the location of "The Popular."
Document in German which mentions the name L. Maurice; NEGATIVE.
Charter of the A. Schwartz Company.
"Popular Department Store" in El Paso.
"Popular Department Store's" sign noting closure for Jewish High Holidays (1980).
Plaques in "The Popular: honoring Adolf Schwartz, Maurice Schwartz, Manuel Schwartz, Erwin Schwartz (1988); contact sheets and NEGATIVES.
Anne Schwartz Goodman in front of her home; contact sheets and NEGATIVES.
Adolf Schwartz.
Ervin Howard Schwartz.
Maurice Schwartz.
Schwartzes' home and the Luis Zork family’s home.
Schwartzes' home on Rim Road.
Maurice Schwartz's home.
Interior of Schwartz family business (ca. 1890s).
Contact and NEGATIVE sheets: home of A. Schwartz and Luis Zork.
Contact and NEGATIVE sheets showing Ann Schwartz Goodman.
7 Schwartz, Irving.
Drawing: Chinese man who lived in South El Paso.
Drawing: Captain Huges of the Texas Rangers.
Drawing: table Arrangement in the Shwartzes' first home.
Drawing: weighing in before a cock fight.
Drawing: border patrolman and friend.
7 Solomon, Adolph.
Kohlberg Bros. store; shows Adolph Solomon (mayor of El Paso).
Adolph Solomon (first president of Temple Mount Sinai; 1899).
7 Stolaroff family: Family portrait (back row, l-r): Aaron Stolaroff; Annie Halpern; Ben Dubiniski; Mary Hyman Stolaroff; (middle row): Rose Potash; Sarah Schwartzhard (?); Fannie Schwartzhard Dubiniski; (seated): Solomon Stolaroff (ca.1900).
7 Temple Mt. Sinai (El Paso, TX).
Cement block that states "New Temple Mt. Sinai 5676/1916."
Temple Mt. Sinai (1944).
Temple Mt. Sinai parsonage of Martin Zielonka's family, Wendell Philips's family, and Floyd S. Fierman's family.
Temple Mt. Sinai.
Eternal light of Mt. Sinai.
Torah scrolls of Temple Mt. Sinai (1987).
Ark containing Torah scrolls.
"Bird's eye view Mt. Franklin in background, El Paso, Texas 1900."
Mt. Sinai basketball team (ca. 1917).
Proclamation from October 13, 1919.
Dedication services (December 8-10, 1916).
Medieval wedding ring.
Documentation from Temple Mt. Sinai (1988).
Plaque commemorating the structure where the first Jewish synagogue in El Paso was erected.
Contact and NEGATIVE sheets showing medieval wedding ring; Torah scrolls; endowed chairs of the Schwartz family; monument; exterior of temple; interior of temple.
7 United States military camps in Texas during the Mexican Revolution.
Camp Cotton (National Guard Section); Michigan Regiment?(summer 1916).
Camp Stewart's field kitchen and ovens (Fall, 1916).
Camp Owen Bierne (South Carolina National Guard; ca. 1916).
Camp Newton D. Baker; tents and buildings (ca. 1916-1919).
Camp Pershing (ca. 1916 - 1919).
Generals Alvaro Obregon, Francisco Villa (?) and John J. Pershing meeting on the international bridge after the overthrow of Huerta.
24th infantry (made up of African Americans) prior to marching into Juarez (1919).
7 Zork family.
Isadore Zork (El Paso).
Gus Zork.
Louis Zork.
Bertha Zork (ca. July 1888).
Group photo (l-r): Eddie Steffin; Luis Zork at about 14 years old; Gus Zork; Sydney Frankel at about 14 years old.
Gustave and Bertha Zork's home.
Series IV: California.
7 Beth Jacob Congregation (San Diego).
Postcard showing the sanctuary of Beth Jacob Congregation.
Various buildings that Beth Jacob Congregation has occupied.
7 Cohn, Louis: Photograph of Louis Cohn, who owned a clothing store in San Bernadino, California.
7 Ott, Rabbi Jacob: Rabbi Jacob Ott - head of Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel (Los Angeles).
7 Rochlin, Fred: Fred Rochlin.
7 Rochlin, Harriet: Harriet Rochlin giving a speech at the University of Arizona.
7 Solomon, Dutch: Photo of Dutch Solomon at his 80th birthday (La Mesa).
7 Sonora Hebrew Cemetery.
Memorial at the Sonora Hebrew Cemetery; memorial says "Established in approximately 1851 by the Hebrew Congregation of Sonora..."
Headstone for Caroline infant (daughter of Henry and Hanah Oppenheimer).
Headstones in the Sonora Hebrew Cemetery.
7 Temple Adat Shalom (Poway, CA).
Exterior of Temple Adat Shalom.
Cantor Lori Wilensky Frank and Rabbi Deborah Ering(?).
7 Temple Beth Emet (Anaheim): Postcard showing the Holy Ark - dedicated on June 2, 1963.
7 Temple Beth Israel (San Diego): Temple Beth Israel.
7 Temple Beth Shalom (Chula Vista).
Exterior of Temple Beth Shalom (1992).
Hanukkah Menorah (December 4, 1994).
7 Temple Solel (Encenitas, CA).
Exterior of Temple Solel.
Bimah (stage) in sanctuary; ark holding the Torahs; the Eternal Light; Shabbat candles.
Bimah; ark; four Torah scrolls (1995).
Sanctuary; benches and shelves; prayer books (1995).
Hallway and the doors that lead to the sanctuary (1995).
Gift shop (1995).
Wall hanging depicting an older man blowing a shofar (1995).
Wall hanging showing a city and a sun and a quote in English and in Hebrew (1995).
Wall hanging showing a Star of David within a circle(1995).
7 Weinberger, Jacob: The Jacob Weinberger United States Court House in San Diego.
7 Welisch family.
Herman Welisch (brother of Theodore and husband of Louise[Horn]).
Home of Theodore Welisch and Julia Zeckendorf (Tucson).
Walter Welisch (?) driving (1911; Golden Gate Park, San Francisco).
Group at picnic in Guernewood Park (about 75 miles north of San Francisco). Includes (l-r): Theodore Welisch; Minnie Rothschild; Sigmund Rothschild; Pauline Rothschild; Walter T. Welisch; Ida (Rothschild) Welisch; Marjorie Welisch.
Letter to A. Chanin from M. Taylor (1991); explains photos and genealogies of family.
7 Young Leadership: Young Leadership meeting (San Diego - Hotel Del Coronado); Marvin Volk and Benjamin Brook present.
Series V: Miscellaneous
7 Congregation Aaron (Trinidad, Colorado).
Centennial Commemoration (1883-1983); Hyman and Bertha Danoff.
Congregation Aaron.
7 Art (Jewish).
"Evening and Morning Service for the New Year" (for Spanish and Portuguese Jews).
"Book of Genesis."
Assorted religious art work.
7 Auckland Hebrew Congregation and Community Centre (New Zealand): Postcard of Centre located on Greys Avenue, Auckland, New Zealand, founded 1967.
7 Australia: NEGATIVES.
7 Brown, Litman: Litman Brown and Ruth Burnstein Brown(1906).
7 Chihuahua church (Mexico).
7 Copenhagen church (Denmark): Interior view; a plaque with the tetragrammaton in Hebrew.
7 Dow, Rabbi Y.: Rabbi and Mrs. Y. Dow and their children Meyer, Aaron, and Esther.
7 Elias, Joseph.
7 Elkin, Judith (Ann Arbor, MI): Judith Elkin (president of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association).
7 Inquisition.
7 Israel (Abe Chanin's 1976 trip).
Gush Emunim - West Bank settlement Beth El.
Arab women in a West Bank village; ceremonial procession.
Allenby Bridge over Jordan River; Israeli soldiers on left, Jordanian soldiers directing traffic.
Two soldiers.
Elderly Arab man standing in front of a wall with Arabic words written on it.
Elderly woman in a marketplace in Israel.
Two young children playing together.
Elderly man covering an object with a black cloth.
Barbed wire fence; group of people standing in the background.
Elderly bearded man in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Alley in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Man lying down in a marketplace next to a pile of purple eggplants.
Four children standing in a doorway.
Abe and Mildred Chanin sitting with an unidentified man.
Panoramic view of the Negev Desert.
Panoramic view of the Golan Heights.
Five contact sheets.
7 Israel (Abe Chanin's 1980 trip).
Group of unidentified men; Abe Chanin.
View of a Kibbutz in the Golan Heights.
View of road on the border of Israel and Syria.
Entrance of a bunker in Israel.
View of a cemetery with headstones stacked on their sides.
View of the Golan Heights.
A gunnery in front of the Mediterranean Sea.
Grave of Avi Mezrah.
View of a United Nations Building.
7 Israel (Yale Shapiro's 1963 trip).
Monument at Mt. Hertzel.
Torah mantles.
View of Haifa.
View of Massada.
Yale Shapiro at Massada.
7 Kotosky family.
Simon Kotosky (ca. 1930).
Dora Kotosky with her grandson Tad Thai (1931).
7 Map of the United States: Map page taken from "The Prairie Traveler."
7 Potash, Harold.
7 Rosen, Hymer.
7 Rosen, Steven.
7 Spanish expulsion of the Jews (1492): SLIDES.
7 Vitoria (Spain) Jewish cemetery: Headstone in the Jewish cemetery in Vitoria, Spain.
7 Unidentified photographs.