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1Author:  University of Arizona.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Senior Follies, numbers 1-11, 1920-1930 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1930 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of programs, correspondence, scores, photographs and other memorabilia relating to The University of Arizona Senior Follies productions. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
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2Author:  Streets, Rubert Burley.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Correspondence Regarding Sulphur Smoke Injury to Crops in the Sulphur Springs Valley, Cochise County, Arizona 1920-1957 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1957 
 Abstract:  Chiefly letters between R. B. Streets and J. G. Brown, plant pathologists at the University of Arizona, and Wyatt W. Jones employed by Phelps Dodge Corporation, Copper Queen Branch, Douglas. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Agriculture -- Arizona -- Sulphur Springs Valley. | Plants -- Effect of sulfur dioxide on. 
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3Author:  Clark, James Cameron, 1882-Requires cookie*
 Title:  James Cameron Clark correspondence 1920-1948 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1948 
 Abstract:  Correspondence and reports relating to equipment, operation and quarters of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Arizona. Includes correspondence regarding a trip to Boulder Dam, 1936, with a group of electrical engineering students. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
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4Author:  Lowell Drug Company (Lowell, Ariz.)Requires cookie*
 Title:  Poison Register 1920-1958 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1958 
 Abstract:  Holograph register; lists kind of poison, intended use, purchasers and pharmacist. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Pharmacists -- Arizona. | Poisons -- Registers. 
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5Author:  American Legion. Department of Arizona.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Letter, 1920 Apr., Phoenix (Ariz.), to Clarence Wagner, Lordsburg (N.M) 1920 ead 
 Date(s):  1920 
 Abstract:  Stencilled letter from Dept. Adjutant, Dudley W. Windes, regarding veterans' homesteading at Sentinel Dam Site. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Frontier and pioneer life -- Arizona. | Homesites -- Arizona. | Sentinel Dam (Ariz.) 
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6Author:  Shreve, Forrest, 1878-1950.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Forrest Shreve speeches 1920-1933 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1933 
 Abstract:  Forrest Shreve, 1878-1950, was a botanist, desert plant ecologist; on the staff of the Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution, Tucson, Arizona, from 1908 to 1929, director from 1929 to 1938. Collection includes transcripts of five speeches, including author's corrections, relating to Shreve's work at the laboratory. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Botany -- Arizona -- Tucson. | Desert ecology -- Arizona. | Desert plants -- Arizona. 
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7Author:  Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924.Requires cookie*
 Title:  The Head of the House of Coombe 1920-1922 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1922 
 Abstract:  Original holographic manuscript, unbound and undated. Written in both pen and pencil, it contains her edits. The last page of the manuscript is different from that of the published book, being condensed into one concluding paragraph. The novel is about social complexities in the life of a girl growing up in London, just before the outbreak of World War I. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
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8Author:  Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Balloon: a Poetical Comedy in Three Acts circa 1920 ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1920 
 Abstract:  Carbon typescript of Balloon, a Poetical Comedy in Three Acts. The first page contains the holographic inscription: "Early version of Balloon, my own typing. For the Thomas Wood Stevens Collection, a tribute to a valued friendship, Padraic Colum." The play is set at the Dadaelus Hotel in Nagalapolis, changed to Megalapolis in the published version, and is a satire of industrial society. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
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9Author:  Ransier, AnnaRequires cookie*
 Title:  Anna Ransier Glass Plate Collection, circa 1920-1940 ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1920-1940 
 Abstract:  Photographs, circa 1920-1940. This collection is comprised of photographs taken during the extensive travels of Anna Ransier, a Baptist missionary, and her husband Hubert during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The hand-colored glass plate lantern slides were then shown to various school, club and church groups during travel lectures that Anna gave. Of special interest are photographs of various National Parks in both the United States and Canada, the Hopi Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona, Mexico and Mexico City, and “mountaineer” life in the Appalachians of Tennessee. Also included in this collection are handwritten travel notes. A glass plate projector and miscellaneous projection equipment in a black leather accordion briefcase are located in Special Collections. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  African Americans - South - Pictorial works | Hopi Indians – Arizona – Pictorial works | Missionaries | National parks and reserves – Pictorial works 
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10Author:  Bowers, Bill.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Bill Bowers Scrapbook and Interview circa 1920s-2000s ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1920s-2000s 
 Abstract:  This collection contains one box of materials relating to Bill Bowers, who is credited with saving one of the bells from the battleship U.S.S. Arizona and donating it to The University of Arizona. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Arizona (Battleship) -- History. | Scrapbooks. 
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11Author:  Mackenzie, StefRequires cookie*
 Title:  Mackenzie family papers, circa 1920-1955 ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1920-1955 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of seven photographs taken primarily in Pennsylvania and Europe of the Mackenzie family and one newspaper clipping related to Stef Mackenzie. These items were donated at the Community Digitization Day 2017 event at Special Collections. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Portrait Photography | Emigration and immigration | Travel photography 
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12Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Film and Music of the Vaudeville Era, 1920-1960 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1960 
 Abstract:  This collection is comprised of commercially produced, American music and film ranging from the 1920s through the 1960s, all of it re-issued on CDs or DVDs/VHS tapes. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Popular music -- United States | Jazz -- 1921-1930 | Big band music | Comedy films | Feature films | Short films | Entertainers -- United States 
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13Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Western pulp fiction collection, 1920-1984 ead 
 Date(s):  1920-1984 
 Abstract:  The Western pulp fiction collection contains hundreds of pulp fiction novels published between 1920 and 1984. Books are arranged alphabetically by author and title. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Paperbacks -- Specimens | Western stories | Popular literature -- Specimens 
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