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1Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  APS Childs-Irving Records 1904-2004, predominantly 1906-1943 ead 
 Date(s):  1904-2004, predominantly 1906-1943 
 Abstract:  The APS Childs-Irving hydroelectric power plant was located between Strawberry and Camp Verde, Arizona, and was constructed in 1908 at the base of the Mogollon Rim, harnessing water from Fossil Spring. It supplied power to Yavapai County and even Phoenix during the 1920’s. The collection is organized into administrative records (including stockholder, construction, photographs and operations), historical materials, miscellaneous records, and a photo album. Two oversized drawers contain maps, sketches, historical drawings, and notes. One is processed (see container list) and the other is not. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
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2Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Alta Vista Garden Club Records, SHM MS-36 1963-2009 ead 
 Date(s):  1963-2009 
 Abstract:  Alta Vista Garden Club was organized and became a Federated Garden Club starting in 1951. The Club was initially started in order to stimulate interest in and knowledge of the different forms of gardening, to aid in the protection of native trees, plants and wildlife and to promote general civic improvements in the City of Prescott. These records consists of organization history, copies of news clippings regarding the Alta Vista Garden Club, a club docent’s project notebook, local garden center flyers or handouts and scrapbooks of the Club from 1963-1971 and 1980-1981. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Gardens | Gardens--Design | Horticulture | Master gardeners | Women garners 
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3Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  American Association of University Women Records 1946 - present ead 
 Date(s):  1946 - present 
 Abstract:  The American Association of University Women Records (AAUW) contains administrative records, membership records, publications, scrapbooks, and photographs documenting the activities of the organization. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Education. | Public policy. | Thumb Sketch Mewsletter 
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4Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Arizona American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission Records, SHM MS-40 1970-1975 ead 
 Date(s):  1970-1975 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of planning, reports, and correspondence related to the events and activities of the American Bicentennial Celebration. It particularly focuses on events in Arizona. Many materials are also included from the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission. Bicentennial events were coordinated by a Bicentennial Commission. A Prescott Bicentennial Committee was formed from Prescott people. The local committee identified projects, approved them, and sent them to the state and requested funds. Some of the most significant projects that were done were the moving of the Bashford House and the formation of the Yavapai Heritage Foundation for surveying historic properties. Cleaning up the Granite Creek was another notable project. These projects were administered by the state commission. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Bashford House 
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5Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Stan and Ruth Brown Papers, SHM MS-22 1863-2011 ead 
 Date(s):  1863-2011 
 Abstract:  A retired, United Methodist pastor, Stanley C. Brown and his wife, Ruth, lived in several areas in Arizona. This collection is an accumulation of his work as a researcher, author, historian, teacher, and lecturer. It also includes his collection of photographs from research trips and other sources. Most of the papers are copies of his writings whether a lecture, a presentation, a column or a book. There are many transcripts of oral histories included in the collection, mostly from the Rim country and central Arizona. The collection also includes indexes of writings, oral histories, etc. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Apache Indian | Butterfield Overland Stage Line. | Oral histories. | The Immigrant by Stanley Brown 
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6Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Thomas E. Campbell Papers 1878-1981 ead 
 Date(s):  1878-1981 
 Abstract:  Thomas E. Campbell was born and raised in Prescott, Arizona and throughout his lifetime worked as an Arizona postmaster, Yavapai County assessor, Arizona State tax commissioner, is a veteran of the Spanish American War and he was elected as the State of Arizona second Governor. This collection is a small personal/family oriented collection which consists of family materials, Campbell’s gubernatorial letters - mostly of a ceremonial nature - news clippings and photographs. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Arizona Governor (1919-1923: Campbell) | Rough Rider Troop 
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7Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  City of Prescott Historic Preservation Ordinances Development Records, SHM MS-43 1963-2005 ead 
 Date(s):  1963-2005 
 Abstract:  Citizens of Prescott became aware of the value of historic properties along with the year-long (1964) celebration of the founding of Prescott in 1864. By the early 1970’s, an organized movement was initiated as Yavapai Heritage Foundation, seeking not only to recognize the Prescott assets, but also to offer consultation and guidance to other communities in the region of The Central Arizona Highlands. Records of activities and formal recognition are included in this collection as an adjunct to similar records archived in SHM-MS-38, The Yavapai Heritage Collection. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
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8Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Leroy E. Eslow Photos 1898, 1907-1977, unknown ead 
 Date(s):  1898, 1907-1977, unknown 
 Abstract:  This collection provides a rich view of many people, places and events that took place mostly in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the larger Prescott area. It includes portraits and photographs of people who lived in the area as well as events such as the Smoki People organization, Yavapai County Fair, and Prescott Frontier Days. Also included are area ranches and local scenery. Albums included are the Iron Spring’s summer homes and Del Rio Basin Pipeline. A significant portion of the collection is negatives. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Agricultural exhibitions | Baseball | Calf roping | Cattle ranches | Coaster cars | Dude ranches--Arizona | Hunting | Indian dance | Iron Springs Summer Homes | Landscapes | Parades | People | Pipes (Conduits) | Prescott (Ariz.)—Aerial views—Facsimiles | Prescott (Ariz.)—History | Prescott (Ariz.)—Social life and customs | Ranch houses | Ranches | Ranches—Arizona | Rangelands | Rebekah (Biblical Matriarch) – in rabbinical literature | Rodeo Animals | Rodeo Performances – United States | Rodeo Performers | Rodeo Riders | Rodeos | Rodeos—Arizona—Prescott--History | Rough Rider Monument (Prescott, Ariz.) | Skull Valley Station - Arizona | Water – Pipes 
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9Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Fennell Family Papers, SHM MS-44 1828-1895 ead 
 Date(s):  1828-1895 
 Abstract:  The Fennell Family Papers reflect the personal and business lives of mining engineer Cecil G. Fennell and his family. Cecil, a native of England, developed many mining projects throughout the United States. This collection includes correspondence, photographs, business records - including ledgers and journals, relating to Mr. Fennell and his family, especially his daughter, Geraldine (Gerry), who was a four-term Arizona State Representative and successful realtor. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Commercial real estate. | Mines and mineral resources | Ranching. 
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10Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Sarah Folsom Papers 1921-2001 (Bulk Dates: 1952-1969) ead 
 Date(s):  1921-2001 (Bulk Dates: 1952-1969) 
 Abstract:  Sarah Blanton Folsom was a dynamic, innovative educator who served six terms as Yavapai County School Superintendent, and was serving in her third term as Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction when she tragically passed away at the age of 53. This collection includes correspondence, personal notes, speeches, newspaper articles, photos, and personal scrapbooks. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Education | Educators | Kindergarten 
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11Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  John “Danny” Freeman Papers, SHM MS-6 1947-2000 ead 
 Date(s):  1947-2000 
 Abstract:  John Daniel “Danny” Freeman was born in 1911 on a cattle and wheat ranch near Tulia, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture in May 1935, from New Mexico State University. He worked for the United States Soil Conservation Service and as a Range Examiner. He did range surveys, soil erosion studies, and determined capacities for area ranches in cooperation with the CCC and WPA. He became an area conservationist overseeing range management issues for five northern Arizona counties and worked with dozens of area ranchers to promote modern scientific methods of ranch management. He served in Vietnam as an agricultural advisor. He was highly involved in the Society for Range Management, the Yavapai County Fair Association, the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo, and Cattle Growers’ Association. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Area Conservationist | Lehman Lovegrass | Matt Culley Collection | Pioneer Stockman | Yavapai Calf Sale 
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12Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  William P. Jones Letters, SHM MS-15 1860-1867 (Overarching Dates) ead 
 Date(s):  1860-1867 (Overarching Dates) 
 Abstract:  William P. Jones (1837) traveled to Virginia, California, Nevada Territory, and Arizona Territory. This collection consists of letters from 1860-1867. His letters detailed his travels, work and existence. The letters to his family stopped in 1864, and the remaining letters are communications between family members and others as they discovered he was killed in a conflict with the local Native Americans. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Old West Travel 
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13Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Abia Judd Papers circa 1890, 1921-1988 ead 
 Date(s):  circa 1890, 1921-1988 
 Abstract:  Collection contains records, ephemera, and photographs from Abia Judd’s work as a teacher and school superintendent, as well as records from his civic activities in the community and Air Force service records. It also contains personal correspondence, records, and photographs. There are 176 photographic images (172 prints, four negatives), two photograph contact sheets, four scrapbooks, one oversized calendar, and one VHS cassette. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
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14Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Margaret F. Maxwell Papers 1865-1999 ead 
 Date(s):  1865-1999 
 Abstract:  Collection consists of research materials gathered by Margaret F. Maxwell on Sharlot M. Hall, including correspondence, copies of photos, newspaper and magazine articles, book excerpts, poems and prose, and Maxwell’s notes. Also included are manuscripts of The Life of Sharlot Hall and a manuscript of The Life of Mulford Winsor. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Women poets, American. | Hall family. | Arizona - History, Local. | Desert biology - Arizona | Women writers | Women's studies. | Ranch life. | Frontier and pioneer life--Arizona. | Frontier and pioneer life--Kansas. | Frontier and pioneer life—Poetry. | Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.)--Anecdotes. 
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15Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Richard and Margaret McCormick Papers, SHM MS-35 1857-2014; Bulk Dates: 1857-1899 ead 
 Date(s):  1857-2014; Bulk Dates: 1857-1899 
 Abstract:  Richard Cunningham McCormick was the second governor of the Arizona Territory. In addition, he was a three-term delegate to Congress from Arizona, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, New York delegate to Congress, Commissioner General to the Paris Exposition of 1878, and three-time delegate to the National Convention, among others. Margaret Hunt McCormick was Richard McCormick’s first wife, married to him while he served as Governor of Arizona. She was much-beloved by the citizens of the Territory and deeply mourned upon her untimely death at the age of 24. This collection includes correspondence, Margaret’s journal, photographs, editions of the Young Men’s Magazine for which Richard McCormick was an editor, information regarding the McCormick’s marriage and deaths, and a scrapbook containing material regarding Margaret McCormick’s home in New Jersey, her family, and burial information. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
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16Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Celeste R. McGrew Papers 1890-1990 ead 
 Date(s):  1890-1990 
 Abstract:  Celeste Louise Rothenberger McGrew (1902-1990) taught school in the Prescott area from 1929-1967. The McGrew Collection covers vital records, genealogy notes, correspondence, fraternal memberships, obituary clippings, Guy McGrew’s military service, property/investments and photos of a personal, family, ancestorial and travel nature. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Carlton Street, #118 | Chapel in the Pines | Cortez Street (North), Prescott, (Ariz.) | Courthouse Plaza, Prescott, ( Ariz.) | Gurley Street, Prescott, (Ariz.) | Window Ledge (Landscape) 
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17Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Prescott Symphony Guild Scrapbook Records 1970 – 2001 (bulk years: 1976-2001) ead 
 Date(s):  1970 – 2001 (bulk years: 1976-2001) 
 Abstract:  The initial installment of the Prescott Symphony Guild Scrapbook Records, comprising of four scrapbooks, was donated to Sharlot Hall Museum Archives by the Guild on July 13, 1999. The final installment, comprising of three scrapbooks updating thru May 9, 2001, was donated subsequently. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Music | Music Memory Program | Music--scholarship and performance 
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18Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Temple B’rith Shalom Records 1952-2002 ead 
 Date(s):  1952-2002 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of the history, correspondence, newsletters, scrapbooks, photos, news clippings and other ephemera materials regarding the congregation and members of the Temple B’rith Shalom, as well as Jewish culture and history in Arizona - particularly in Prescott, Arizona. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Judaism--Customs and practices | Jewish history, life, and culture | Synagogues | Jewish pioneers 
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19Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Boyd Tenney Papers, SHM MS-33 1965-2006 (Bulk Dates: 1965-1973) ead 
 Date(s):  1965-2006 (Bulk Dates: 1965-1973) 
 Abstract:  Nathan Boyd Tenney served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 1962 to 1964, and as Arizona State Senator from 1964 to 1982. His many accomplishments during his time in office include: establishing community colleges in Mohave and Yavapai counties, aiding in the creation of five state parks, securing funding for transportation and rural roads, and initiating legislation that helped restore the Governor’s Mansion at the Sharlot Hall Museum. He served as the Vice Chairman, and then the Chairman, of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Chairman of the Joint Budget Committee, and Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee. This collection includes newspaper articles, genealogical information, Senator Tenney’s scrapbooks of news clippings from 1965, the meeting minutes from the 1973, San Carlos Apache Mineral Strip hearing, photographs, and campaign memorabilia. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Angora Goat Seminar | Mormon Church - Missions | Pioneers--Arizona--Prescott Region—Biography | Ranching - Arizona - History | Ranch life - Arizona - Prescott Region - Anecdotes | Ranching Heritage Oral History Project (U.S.) | San Carlos Apache Tribe of the San Carlos Reservation, Arizona | United States. Act to Provide for the Settlement of the Water Rights Claims of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe in Yavapai County, Arizona, and for Other Purposes 
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20Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Andrew Wallace Papers, SHM MS-13 1828-1895 ead 
 Date(s):  1828-1895 
 Abstract:  The Andrew Wallace Papers collection contains microfilm and photocopies of the diaries of General August Valentine Kautz, written between 1859 and 1894, as well as related materials such as 30 rolls of microfilm of official U.S. Army documents at various Arizona army posts. These include Fort Whipple, Camp Lincoln, Fort Verde, etc. - all pertaining to the career of General Kautz. In addition, the collection contains research materials related to the Sitgreaves Expedition (1851), the Amiel Weeks Whipple Expedition (1853-1854) and the Joseph Christmas Ives Expedition (1857-1858). In the collection there are a variety of maps, journals, illustrations, scholarly articles, biographical sources and genealogical materials. All resources were copied, composed or collected by the donor, Andrew Wallace between 1963 and 1984. 
 Repository:  Sharlot Hall Museum 
 Subjects:  Arizona History | Civil War | Fort Steilacoom (Wash.) | Fort Verde (Ariz.) | Nisqually Indians | San Carlos Indian Reservation (Ariz.) | Sitgreaves Expedition (1851) | United States, Army, Cavalry, 6th | United States, Board of Indian Commissioners | Yavapai Indians | Western Apache Indians | Whipple Barracks (Ariz.) 
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