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1Author:  Wyman, Leland Clifton, 1897-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Leland C. Wyman papers 1908-1985 (bulk 1930-1980) ead 
 Date(s):  1908-1985 
 Abstract:  Papers, 1908-1985, bulk 1930-1980. This collection is comprised of Leland C. Wyman’s interests, both personal and professional. The bulk is made up of personal and professional correspondence, lecture note cards, and publications. His professional files reflect both his careers as a biologist and an anthropologist. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Navajo Indians | Indians of North America | Biology | Single Cell Research Foundation 
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2Author:  Griffin-Pierce, Trudy, 1949-2009; Pierce, KiethRequires cookie*
 Title:  Trudy Griffin-Pierce and Keith Pierce Papers ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Abstract:  This collection is comprised of the papers of anthropologist Trudy Griffin-Pierce and solar astronomer Keith Pierce. The bulk of the material relates to Trudy Griffin-Pierce’s career as an anthropologist at the University of Arizona as well as her personal journals. Items include writings, correspondence, academic material as well as some personal material. Also included are some papers of Keith Pierce, primarily copies of his autobiography. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Astronomy. | Indians of North America -- Southwest, New. | Kitt Peak National Observatory. | Navajo Indians. | University of Arizona. 
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3Author:  Forrest, Earle RobertRequires cookie*
 Title:  Earle R. Forrest Papers 1895-1960 ead 
 Date(s):  1895-1960 
 Abstract:  This collection is organized into two subgroups: Papers and Photographs. The Papers in the first subgroup include biographical information, correspondence, and drafts of 26 of his manuscripts, including Bloody Trails of the Old Southwest and Adventures in Navajoland. The photographs are the second subgroup in this collection, this uncludes, black-and-white photographs which cover the years 1902-1929. The bulk of them are mounted and deal with Forrest's travels in the West, especially his visits among the Indians of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. The mounted photographs are chronicled by numbers on the reverse side which correspond to the numbers in two indexes prepared by Forrest for easy identification. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies. | Indians of North America -- Southwest, New -- Pictorial works. | Missions -- Southwest, New. | Navajo Indians. | Pueblo Indians. | Snake dance - Pictorial works. | Tarahumara Indians. | Ute Indians. 
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4Author:  Hazel WarrenRequires cookie*
 Title:  Hazel Warren papers, 1868-1978 (bulk 1899-1972) ead 
 Date(s):  1868-1978 (bulk 1899-1972) 
 Abstract:  Papers, 1868-1978 (bulk 1899-1972). This collection includes materials relating to the life of writer and Indian Post trader Hazel Warren. Includes daily journals and vacation journals; scrapbooks containing news clippings, photographs, and published magazine articles; news clippings concerning life in Tecumseh, Nebraska, as well as descriptions of Indian tribes of the southwest; family photographs and photographs of reservation scenes; photographic negatives; personal and professional correspondence; published and unpublished manuscripts; and miscellaneous items including decals, buttons, and inscribed Bibles. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Indian Traders-Arizona | Trading Posts-Arizona | Cedar Ridge Trading Post | Kayenta Trading Post | Navajo Indians | Hopi Indians 
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5Author:  Margolis, Frederick J., 1915-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Frederick J. Margolis Photographs1954-1956 ead 
 Date(s):  1954-1956 
 Abstract:  This collection contains digital file images of color photographs taken (mostly) by Dr. Margolis between 1954-1956 in and around Fort Defiance, Arizona and in other locations in northern Arizona and northern New Mexico. The original photographic prints are not held in this collection; the PowerPoint is the source record from which digital file images are collected. Individual image files (JPEG format) were extracted from the PowerPoint and converted into TIFF-formatted files which are available upon request. To facilitate previewing, black and white PDF print surrogates are also included. Several publications highlighting the work of Dr. Margolis have also been included. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Acoma Indians | Hopi Indians | Indians of North America--Diseases | Indians of North American--Medical Care | Navajo Indians | Public Health--United States 
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6Author:  Southwest Folklore CenterRequires cookie*
 Title:  Southwest Folklore Center Field Recordings Collection, 1943-ongoing ead 
 Date(s):  1943-ongoing 
 Abstract:  Reel tape recordings produced by University of Arizona Folklore Committee from 1943 through 1978, and after 1979, by the Southwest Folklore Center. Predominately field recordings from southern Arizona, they include cowboy songs and music, oral history interviews and corridos. The collection also includes 12 studio master tape reels recorded by Mexican American singer Lydia Mendoza. This collection was previously titled SWF 011. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Mexican Americans -- Music. | Corridos. | Pioneers. | Frontier and pioneer life. | Yaqui Indians. | Navajo Indians. | Seri Indians. | Apache Indians. | Yuma Indians. | Hopi Indians. | Tohono O'Odham Indians. | Pima Indians. | Mormons--Arizona--Music. | Cowboys. | Cowboys--Songs and music. | Folklore. | Folklore--Arizona. | Mormons--Arizona--Folklore. | Cowboys--Arizona--Folklore. | Cowboys' writings, American. | Ranchers--Arizona. | Fiddle tunes. | Baptists. | Hobo songs. | Harmonica music. | Gospel music. | Bluegrass music. | Banjo music. | Navajo code talkers. 
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