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Acoma architecture (1)
Ambulances (1)
Apache Indians (3)
Architecture (1)
Arizona Biltmore (1)
Baseball -– Arizona -– History (1)
Biplanes (1)
Black-and-white photography (1)
Bronze sculpture (1)
Buffalo dance (1)
Busts (1)
Butterfly dance (1)
Cedar Ridge Trading Post (1)
Cibola, Seven Cities of (1)
Devil dance (1)
Figure sculpture (1)
Folklore West (U.S.) (1)
Frontier and pioneer life--Arizona. (1)
Goodfellow family (1)
Harshaw (Ariz.)--History. (1)
Hopi Indians (1)
Hopi Indians (7)
Hopi Indians -- Dwellings -- Arizona -- Oraibi (1)
Hopi Indians -- Religion (1)
Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies (1)
Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies (1)
Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs (1)
Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs (1)
Hopi Indians -- Women (1)
Hopi Indians--Economic conditions. (1)
Hopi Indians. (1)
Hopi Tribe of Arizona (1)
Hopi architecture (1)
Hopi art (1)
Hopi artists (1)
Hopi baskets (1)
Hopi children (1)
Hopi children -- Education (1)
Hopi cooking (1)
Hopi dance (5)
Hopi dolls (1)
Hopi mythology (1)
Hopi pottery (1)
Hopi women (1)
Hopi women potters (1)
Hopi youth (1)
Horse racing (1)
Images, Photographic (1)
Indian traders (1)
Indian Traders-Arizona (1)
Indian traders -- Arizona. (1)
Indian traders--Arizona--Flagstaff. (1)
Indian traders--Arizona--Interviews. (1)
Indian traders--Arizona. (1)
Indian traders--New Mexico--Farmington. (1)
Indian traders--New Mexico--Gallup. (1)
Indians of North America--Folklore. (1)
Jicarilla Indians (1)
Kachinas (3)
Kayenta (Ariz.) -- History (1)
Kayenta Trading Post (1)
Merchants--Arizona. (1)
Military bases--Arizona--History. (1)
Mines and mineral resources--Arizona--History. (1)
Model T automobile (1)
Models (Clay, plaster, etc.) (1)
Mohave Indians (1)
Morenci (Ariz.)--History. (1)
Mormon pioneers (1)
Navajo Indian Reservation (1)
Navajo Indian Reservation (2)
Navajo Indian Reservation--Economic aspects. (1)
Navajo Indian Reservation. (1)
Navajo Indians (9)
Navajo Indians -- Dwellings (1)
Navajo Indians -- Education (1)
Navajo Indians -- Health & Welfare (1)
Navajo Indians -- Jewelry (1)
Navajo Indians -- Land tenure (1)
Navajo Indians -- Medicine (1)
Navajo Indians -- Religion (2)
Navajo Indians -- Rites and ceremonies (2)
Navajo Indians -- Social life and customs (1)
Navajo Indians – 1930-1940 (1)
Navajo Indians--Arizona (1)
Navajo Indians--Arizona--Economic aspects. (1)
Navajo Indians--Arizona--Social life and customs. (1)
Navajo Indians--Cultural assimilation. (1)
Navajo Indians--Economic conditions. (1)
Navajo Indians--Education--Arizona. (1)
Navajo Indians--Employment--Arizona. (1)
Navajo Indians--Medicine. (1)
Navajo Indians--New Mexico (1)
Navajo Indians--Southwest, New--Ethnic identity. (1)
Navajo Indians. (2)
Navajo Nation, Arizona, New Mexico & Utah (1)
Navajo National Monument (Ariz.) – History (1)
Navajo architecture (1)
Navajo art (2)
Navajo children (1)
Navajo children -- Education (1)
Navajo cooking (1)
Navajo dance (1)
Navajo girls (1)
Navajo language (2)
Navajo pottery (1)
Navajo rugs (3)
Navajo silverwork. (1)
Navajo textile fabrics. (1)
Navajo trading posts. (2)
Navajo women (1)
Oak Creek Canyon (Ariz.) (1)
Ostriches (1)
Pawnbroking--Arizona. (2)
Pawnbroking--New Mexico. (1)
Petroglyphs (1)
Petroglyphs--United States (1)
Petroglyphs--Utah--Zion National Park (1)
Photography (1)
Photography of sculpture (1)
Plaster sculpture (1)
Politicians -- Arizona (1)
Politics--Arizona. (1)
Portrait sculpture (1)
Powwows--Arizona--Flagstaff--History. (1)
Private Schools – Arizona (1)
Railroads--History. (1)
Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition (1)
Ranch houses (1)
Ranchers--Arizona. (1)
Ranches--Arizona--History. (1)
Rodeo (1)
Rucker (Ariz.)--History. (1)
Ruins (1)
San Carlos (Ariz.)--History. (1)
Sculpture (1)
Solomonville (Ariz.)--History. (1)
Tennis (1)
Terra-cotta figurines (1)
Terra-cotta sculpture (1)
Tewa Indians (1)
Tewa dance (1)
Tohono O'Odham Indians (1)
Trading posts--Arizona (1)
Trading Posts-Arizona (1)
Trading posts -- Arizona (1)
Trading posts -- Arizona (1)
Trading posts -- Arizona (7)
Trading posts -- Arizona. (1)
Trading posts – Arizona (3)
Trading posts--Arizona (1)
Trading posts--Arizona. (6)
Trading posts--New Mexico (1)
Trading posts--New Mexico. (1)
Undertakers and undertaking--Arizona--Records and correspondence. (1)
Water rights--Arizona--History. (1)
Western Apache Indians (1)
Western Navajo Training School (1)
Wetherill Mesa excavations (1)
Wetherill Mesa studies (1)
Yaqui Indians (1)
Yuma (Ariz.)--History. (1)
Zuni Indians (2)
Zuni Indians--Economic conditions. (1)
1994 (1)
1949 (1)
1948 (1)
1944 (1)
1938 (1)
1917 (1)
1880 (1)
1868 (1)
1866 (1)
1Author:  Spencer, FrankRequires cookie*
 Title:  Frank Spencer collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Trading posts -- Arizona 
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2Author:  Hubbell, Lorenzo, -1942Requires cookie*
 Title:  Lorenzo Hubbell collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Politicians -- Arizona | Trading posts -- Arizona 
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3Author:  Miller, Harry E. (Harry Edgar), 1879-1952Requires cookie*
 Title:  Harry E. (Two Guns) Miller collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Cibola, Seven Cities of | Trading postsArizona 
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4Author:  Pilorz, Martha HarrisonRequires cookie*
 Title:  Martha Harrison Pilorz collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Navajo Indians – 1930-1940 | Oak Creek Canyon (Ariz.) | Trading postsArizona 
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5Author:  Richardson, GladwellRequires cookie*
 Title:  Gladwell Richardson Collection ca. 1917-1990 ead 
 Date(s):  ca. 1917-1990 
 Abstract:  The bulk of this collection is articles from newspapers and magazines gathered by Richardson in the process of researching materials for his numerous published works. Also included are a few first drafts of articles, some reference books, and an edited manuscript of the Navajo Trader as well as several thousand photographic images. This collection is widely accessed for its Western lore and ephemera. Date ranges for this collection, ca. 1925 to 1980. For a complete item [container] list of materials in the Richardson Collection (AHS #48), contact the reference department at Northern Arizona University, Cline Library Special Collections and Archives, or contact the Arizona Historical Society/Flagstaff Archivist. 
 Repository:  Arizona Historical Society/Flagstaff Archives 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians. | Navajo Indians. | Trading posts--Arizona. | Navajo trading posts. | Folklore West (U.S.) | Indians of North America--Folklore. 
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6Author:  unknownRequires cookie*
 Title:  Elijah Blair collection 1944-1998 ead 
 Date(s):  1944-1998 
 Abstract:  Business records and photographs related to Elijah Blair's trading post ventures. Records include articles of incorporation, invoices concerning Indian Art transactions, and legal records. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives 
 Subjects:  Navajo trading posts. | Trading posts -- Arizona. | Indian traders -- Arizona. | Navajo Indians. | Navajo Indian Reservation. 
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7Author:  Blair, RaymondRequires cookie*
 Title:  Raymond Blair Collection, 1903, 1948-1976. ead 
 Date(s):  1903, 1948-1976. 
 Abstract:  The Raymond Blair manuscript collection consists of four boxes together with eight separate large post-type accounting ledgers that constitutes the business records of Rock Point Trading Post and of Round Rock Trading Post, both located near Chinle, Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department. 
 Subjects:  Navajo silverwork. | Navajo textile fabrics. | Indian traders--Arizona. | Pawnbroking--Arizona. | Navajo Indian Reservation--Economic aspects. | Trading posts--Arizona. 
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8Author:  Eastern and New Mexico Association of Indian AffairsRequires cookie*
 Title:  Eastern and New Mexico Association on Indian Affairs collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Navajo art | Navajo Indians | Navajo rugs | Navajo art | Trading posts -- Arizona 
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9Author:  Coin, Raymond Coin, Willie Ferguson, Carol Fredericks, Oswald White Bear Hatch, Ada T. Honani, Steve Johnston, Philip, approximately 1892-1978 Joseph, Carrie Kewanwytewa, Agnes Kewanwytewa, Jimmy, ca. 1888-1966 Lockett, Clay Long, Paul V. Nevahoioma, Vera Ressler, Diana Ressler, John Runke, Laura Sapaula, Crispina Tevenyouma, Joe White, Elizabeth Wright, Barton Wright, Margaret NickelsonRequires cookie*
 Title:  Barton A. Wright collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi Indians | Mormon pioneers | Navajo Indians | Trading posts | Trading posts -- Arizona 
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10Author:  Wagner, Sallie R. Lippincott, BillRequires cookie*
 Title:  Kin Teel (Wide Ruins) and Pine Springs Trading Posts Records 1938-1970 ead 
 Date(s):  1938-1970 
 Abstract:  The manuscript portion of the Kin Teel (Wide Ruins) and Pine Springs Trading Posts Records contains day books and ledgers recording the daily transactions of Kin Teel (Wide Ruins) and Pine Springs Trading Posts, as well as legal documents and a list of photographic negatives. The photograph portion features images of the trading posts and those who lived on the Navajo Reservation. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department 
 Subjects:  Navajo Nation, Arizona, New Mexico & Utah | Navajo Indian Reservation | Trading posts--Arizona | Indian traders 
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11Author:  Day, Samuel, Sr., 1845-1925 Day, Charles, 1879-1918 Day, Sam, Jr., 1882-1963Requires cookie*
 Title:  Day Family collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Acoma architecture | Apache Indians | Hopi Indians | Navajo Indians | Trading posts -- Arizona | Western Apache Indians | Zuni Indians 
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12Author:  Hazel WarrenRequires cookie*
 Title:  Hazel Warren papers, 1868-1978 (bulk 1899-1972) ead 
 Date(s):  1868-1978 (bulk 1899-1972) 
 Abstract:  Papers, 1868-1978 (bulk 1899-1972). This collection includes materials relating to the life of writer and Indian Post trader Hazel Warren. Includes daily journals and vacation journals; scrapbooks containing news clippings, photographs, and published magazine articles; news clippings concerning life in Tecumseh, Nebraska, as well as descriptions of Indian tribes of the southwest; family photographs and photographs of reservation scenes; photographic negatives; personal and professional correspondence; published and unpublished manuscripts; and miscellaneous items including decals, buttons, and inscribed Bibles. 
 Repository:  University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections 
 Subjects:  Indian Traders-Arizona | Trading Posts-Arizona | Cedar Ridge Trading Post | Kayenta Trading Post | Navajo Indians | Hopi Indians 
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13Author:  Babbitt Brothers Trading CompanyRequires cookie*
 Title:  Babbitt Brother Trading Company, 1880-1999. ead 
 Date(s):  1880-1999. 
 Abstract:  This collection represents the records of one of Northern Arizona's most influential business families. These records document the names and locations of early ranches and pioneers in the northern Arizona region beginning in the 1880's. Archival collections of numerous ranches and trading posts that were bought by the Babbitt's can be found in the collection. The collection also contains records related to water rights and land ownership. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department. 
 Subjects:  Trading posts--Arizona. | Ranchers--Arizona. | Ranches--Arizona--History. | Railroads--History. | Undertakers and undertaking--Arizona--Records and correspondence. | Water rights--Arizona--History. | Powwows--Arizona--Flagstaff--History. | Merchants--Arizona. 
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14Author:  United Indian Traders Association (U.S.)Requires cookie*
 Title:  United Indian Traders Association Records 1949-2000 ead 
 Date(s):  1949-2000 
 Abstract:  The United Indian Traders Association records includes correspondence, legal files, business meeting documents, photographs, and audio- and video-recorded oral history interviews documenting the activities of the Association as well as the lives and experiences of traders on Navajo and Hopi lands. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives 
 Subjects:  Indian traders--New Mexico--Gallup. | Indian traders--New Mexico--Farmington. | Indian traders--Arizona--Flagstaff. | Navajo Indians--Economic conditions. | Hopi Indians--Economic conditions. | Zuni Indians--Economic conditions. | Trading posts--Arizona. | Trading posts--New Mexico. | Pawnbroking--Arizona. | Pawnbroking--New Mexico. 
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15Author:  Arizona Humanities Council.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Southwestern Navajo Reservation trade relationships: the Navajo perspective oral history collection, 1994. ead 
 Date(s):  1994. 
 Abstract:  Southwestern Navajo Reservation trade relationships: the Navajo perspective oral history collection includes video tapes and transcripts, both in english and Navajo, from interviews of residents on the reservation that remember the days of the trading post. Interviewer not specified. 
 Repository:  Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department. 
 Subjects:  Indian traders--Arizona--Interviews. | Trading posts--Arizona. | Navajo Indians--Education--Arizona. | Navajo Indians--Arizona--Economic aspects. | Navajo Indians--Employment--Arizona. | Navajo Indians--Arizona--Social life and customs. | Navajo Indians--Cultural assimilation. | Navajo Indians--Southwest, New--Ethnic identity. | Navajo Indians--Medicine. 
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16Author:  Brooks, William E.; Gearin, John M.; Leach, George L.; Mead, Frank; Risley, W.S.(William); Thane, Hazel Cynthia; Thane, Eliza (Lisle); Moyer, Chas.; Ingraham, Fred L.;Requires cookie*
 Title:  Arizona Territorial Correspondence Collection 1866-1919 ead 
 Date(s):  1866-1919 
 Abstract:  This collection contains letters, and in some cases, their accompanying envelopes (covers) written either from Arizona or regarding Arizona matters during the State's Territorial period. The letters address issues such as mail service, statehood, Socialism, mining, ranching, military life, and the granting of a trading post concession. They also reflect the way of life in the Arizona Territory as well as highlight the types of people who were settlers of this area. 
 Repository:  Postal History Foundation, Peggy J. Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library 
 Subjects:  Trading posts--Arizona. | Military bases--Arizona--History. | Frontier and pioneer life--Arizona. | Politics--Arizona. | Mines and mineral resources--Arizona--History. | Harshaw (Ariz.)--History. | Morenci (Ariz.)--History. | Rucker (Ariz.)--History. | San Carlos (Ariz.)--History. | Solomonville (Ariz.)--History. | Yuma (Ariz.)--History. 
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17Author:  Runke, Walter, 1879-1964Requires cookie*
 Title:  Walter Runke collection ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi dance | Hopi children -- Education | Hopi Indians | Navajo children -- Education | Navajo Indians | Navajo rugs | Snake dance | Trading postsArizona | Western Navajo Training School 
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18Author:  Towle, Thelma B., 1907-1996 Olds, WalterRequires cookie*
 Title:  Thelma B. Towle Collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Hopi dance | Hopi Indians | Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies | Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs | Kachinas | Navajo Indians | Snake dance | Trading posts -- Arizona 
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19Author:  Wetherill, John Wetherill, Benjamin Alfred, 1861-1950 Wetherill familyRequires cookie*
 Title:  Wetherill family collection, ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Abstract:  The Wetherill family was involved in a number of activities in the Colorado Plateau. While they may be best known for their various trading posts, many of them were involved with expeditions in the region. This collection contains records that detail these activities, as well as provides genealogical and photographic records of the family itself. 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Navajo Indians--Arizona | Navajo Indians--New Mexico | Navajo language | Navajo National Monument (Ariz.) – History | Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition | Petroglyphs--United States | Petroglyphs--Utah--Zion National Park | Trading posts--Arizona | Trading posts--New Mexico | Kayenta (Ariz.) -- History | Wetherill Mesa excavations | Wetherill Mesa studies 
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20Author:  Evans School, (Mesa, AZ)Requires cookie*
 Title:  Evans School collection, , ead 
 Date(s):  unknown 
 Abstract:  The Evans Ranch School for Boys was founded in 1902 by Harry David Evans, a Cambridge-educated Briton, as a college-preparatory academy for twenty boys aged 15-18. It operated out of Mesa (later Tucson) in the winter and Flagstaff in the summer. This collection contains photographs and yearbooks from 1905-1925. 
 Repository:  Museum of Northern Arizona 
 Subjects:  Ambulances | Apache Indians | Baseball -– Arizona -– History | Biplanes | Goodfellow family | Hopi Indians | Hopi dance | Horse racing | Model T automobile | Mohave Indians | Navajo Indians | Ostriches | Petroglyphs | Private Schools – Arizona | Ranch houses | Rodeo | Tennis | Tohono O'Odham Indians | Trading posts -- Arizona | Yaqui Indians 
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